Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Trends: Bringing the Party: Pre-mixed Booze, Indulgent Snacks- Real Ingredients, Craft Beer- Bourbon- Rum Flavors,  Holiday Packaging, Limited Edition Spices+Spiced, 


Experiences are the preferred gifts-but that leaves a lot of leeway-as to what an 'experience' is---and holiday entertaining and foodie occasions are the first thing to signal it's that time of year again.

Bottle of wine and expensive liquors-are standard options for the holidays ..but we noticed a new trend of pre-mixed, cleverly packaged alcohol say 'cheers.'
DEEP EDDY-fun retro packaging -hand crafted,  distilled from corn, authentically flavored vodkas made in Austin TX 

how to mix it up

DAILY's  Cocktails -creamy wine mixers--- a blend of alcohol and real dairy cream-which taste great...not icky sweet at all-reminded us of Black Russian-White Russian cocktails... interesting 'way' to mixup wine...actually works. 3 flavors...Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Horchata

Daily's Spiked Soda...for a pal that likes a splash of ginger ale in her Jack Daniels-lighter cocktail-in an easy to transport can-four flavors including Raspberry Ginger Ale, Lemon Lime, Cherry Coke and Blood Orange

Pelican packaged Classic cocktail mixes $7.95 ---are giftables-with or without the alcohol
Non-Alcohol For Parties-Gifts...
TEAVANA...has loads of TEA SET gift options including this gorgeous and tasty Oprah Chai tea gift set for one. It's Oprah-enough said.

The Republic of Tea-steps back in time with flavored teas in holiday packaging inspired by the stately Downton Abbey® television series. Pictured-2 canisters $28.95--several characters get the RoT love-in loose and tea bag options

beautiful bottles...but it's the cleverly 'spa' inspired DRY SPARKLING flavors of the water's slight bubblyt authentic ginger, juniper berry etc that had attendees at a recent Editor Showcase sipping away! Available in bottles and cans...the 8 choices are a true gourmet answer to quenching one's thirst-and make good mixers too.

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