Saturday, November 7, 2015


For the BEER-BOURBON-BOOZE Inhibiter...

Want believable tastes? Oddly enough, beer (etc) is showing up in candies, ice creams, and crunchy snacks+sweets...less the alcohol (usually). The 3 B's add a surprisingly tasteful kick for the holidays...
Seriously-Beer flavored Draft Jelly Belly-Jelly Beans-fyi still family owned-7th generation!

At the Fancy Food Show-folks were scooping up these delish Guinness flavored crunchy salty potato chips...from BURTS THICK CUT Hand Cooked Potato Chips -founded in 1995 by Brits with a sense of humor and seemingly, long suffering Everton football fans. For you Yanks- this is not equivalent to the Chicago Cubs ---but may feel like it for their supporters.

Stuart & Co. Beef Jerky gets Brooklyn Bourbon -ized...

Artisan Beer Bread Mix-why not? Great name too-SOBERDOUGH BREW BREAD mix-ez does it for the guy who likes to boast about homemade but maybe is essentially cooking challenged. In 60 minutes too.

Anette's Chocolates hails from wine laden Napa Valley but also adds some small craft brew flavors to brittle... for a sally sweet taste with hops kick. The Fiery Beer Brittle...has chili pepper in the crunchy Spanish peanuts-micro-brew ale mix...that's subtle so even phobic spicy sorts will like= FUN! ALSO-tequila and bourbon flavors...about $11.95 /8oz bag

ISLAND TREASURES Gourmet-seven sizes and different flavored cakes...transports eaters to the tropical breezes of Rum laden islands...with real deal liquor saturated spongy morsels that are packaged for serving the next zombie apocalypse-should that happen.
Island Treasures are made in the USA

packaged air tight---great shelf keeper for unexpected guests...just add a dab of whipped cream or non-dairy topping (see below)...and insta-dessert

CONVENIENCE...or for non-cooks who none-the-less -want to co-op the holiday mood...pre-packaged selections in your freezer section...delivers the 'hard part' from which easy added somethings conjure up fancy treats in minutes.

Air light-flaky crispy buttery phyllo dough sheets and cups by ATHENS.Their fillo offerings..are oven (or toaster oven) ready ready soon appetizers, main dishes or desserts for entertaining for the time challenged.
easy and elegant-adds some gourmet touches (and fool guests)...with these tasty bite-sized options-recipes found on their website...
A staple in our house growing up-ATHENS fillo sheets are now joined by 'pre-filled' appetizers in six tasty flavors-like the classic spinach + cheese for ready in minutes-eating. 

our sample of these shells -even in our next life, we doubt we could make phyllo dough this good-perfect freezer addition...and imo-also good enough to eat on its own!

Creamy indulgences such as non-dairy whipped toppings ---get cleaned up-ingredients wise...truwhip the natural (in regular and lower calorie version) are better for you without sacrifices of taste...we tried and give a thumbs up to the smooth rich texture...amazingly made without the hydrogenated oils or corn syrup found in  other brands. Non GMO verified too!

TRUWHIP the natural is fairly new to the market but easily found (Kroger, Walmart etc)...great way to dress up desserts without the stuff we are all trying to avoid in our diets.

From King Arthur smart-made in the USA annual offerings of holiday spice give yourself -or someone else...with indulge worthy recipes online -convenience in an airtight re-usable plastic jar. Six flavors...$6.95-$7.95...all would be welcome as a house warming present. Pumpkin Pie Spice pictured-ready mixture of clove, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg...add a pinch to tea or coffee...the Stollen Spice livens up sweet yeasted  holiday breads-with cardamom, coriander, mace, allspice, nutmeg and orange peel.
What else---shelf staple ideas...
Splenda's new Brown Sugar blend...makes crunchy snacks like addictive Spicy Candied nuts easy to make...for more tips...check out sweet swaps 

pairing jams with breakfast or appetizers...are popular ways to add color and tastes to hard and soft cheesees, morning waffles+pancakes, etc...with Sweden's Felix  Lingonberry  jams= good taste enhancers.



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