Friday, July 17, 2009


Patches, Gel-Cream, Supplements--- with L-Carnitine

Cellulite, the wrinkling cottage cheese looking kind on the back of thighs, tummies, arms…is often the subject of those glossy reads that we pick up as we wait to check out of our local Stop N Shop…the ones with blaring headlines courtesy of some paparazzi photo of an unsuspecting celeb type.

We’re not famous, so no worries of TMZ slams. But we were curious as to whether Nivea’s Good-bye Cellulite regimen, an affordable alternative to pricey laser treatments, makes a difference.

We started with the gel-cream, applying the lotion on the back of our legs. The cream sinks in fast, is not sticky (YES)…and is as easy to use as a moisturizer. We used it once a day…after our shower…but Good-bye Cellulite can be used 2x a day too.

We don’t know if the tightening effect is permanent…but it def made our skin look smoother to our eyeballs.

Nivea touts L-Carnitine as the “it” ingredient that “helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

We know L-C as a supplement… it purportedly helps burn unwanted body fat. Makes sense to us that it might work topically too, as the skin absorbs practically everything one slathers on it.

Nivea sells Good-bye Cellulite Patches too…for “maximum results”---just slap’em on.

Conveniently, there’s a combo 30-Day Body Beauty Program that includes the Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream (6.7 oz) and a Dietary Supplement with the aforementioned L-Carnitine and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)… a fatty acid that according to Wikipedia…is known for it’s anti-cancer fighting properties and may help reduce body fat.

There’s a reason Nivea is one of those most respected body/skin care companies in the world…those Europeans always seem to get that stuff right.

We think the Good-bye Cellulite regimen is worth the $, we found the gel going for $9.99, the patches for $26.10 (per pack) and the 30 Day Combo going for $16.49 on Amazon.

BTW: Company has been around since 1911! And there's a Bikini Challenge going on!