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Premium Tradeshow, STATION, Berlin

July 1st, 2009, 13:00

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

We were literally stopped in our tracks by the WOW collection of satchels and clutches-that comprise the cobra skin laden (Michael) Michalsky Collection for high-end label MCM.

This luxury brand with global distribution---really bumps it up with a “1980’s feel that plays and respects our heritage,” according to Adrian Margelist, MCM’s artistic director…who we got a chance to chat with.

Some of the bags are handmade in Germany the old fashion way- but the bold hardware “…is modern and puts it (the collection) forward into the 21st century.”

Other Spring 2010 samples were soft in construction…”more pouchy…you want to sleep on it.”

As expected with a well priced brand, the details are outstanding…from the twisted leather handles, panels linked without stitching (liked locking one’s fingers) and the new logo for the higher priced groups, with a faceted deep purple crystal, personally designed by Margelist.

We loved the Dandelion Yellow lineup for Spring…which will certainly punch up any outfit.

And the signature logo collection gets playful perky graphics ---similar to Louis Vuitton additions.

SPECIAL THANKS: The totes given out to attendees came courtesy of MCM---LOVE ..and to Eric Erhardt, Regional GM Europe, Deputy Global Commercial Director for his time.

SHIPS: After Christmas 2009. IMHO...missed opportunity!