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BEAUTY- The Other Necessity of NYFW

ANGELO DAVID SALON and The Organic Beauty Pop-Up Shop

words/images Judith Ecochard

Angelo David's Salon, just a few yards from mid-town's Grand Central Station at 48 East 43rd Street ---is one of those just right sized, cleanly designed entities where we have felt as comfortable getting all glammy---as our guy would have,  getting a haircut.

We have written about this full-service salon prior---it is rightfully acclaimed for its natural looking, human "Couture" hair extensions/and/or volume add-ons-that are custom made and dyed, styled and serviced for continued use---and are so subtle-as to be completely undetectable.

Really, we saw two women have a few pieces placed in via the salon's proprietary technique by salon owner, Angelo David himself...and they walked out with healthy, shiny, and thick tresses---that just looked fabulous, not Real Housewives fake.

Recently, we directly tried out-for ourselves-some of their beauty services...and from start to finish-this was one of the most relaxing hair salons experiences we have ever had...even on a busy Saturday.

Maybe it's the right amount of staff to customer ratio...or the layout of the salon itself (with private rooms, no less)---but we never felt rushed...and always felt "heard" as in our preferences for everything from our hair color, to our brows-which we wanted left our desired smokey eye evening make-up application...that we can never seem to do ourselves for lack of skill.

Our visit started with expert manicurist Marjana Kyerkuti- ...who didn't even wince at our ragged edges...and managed to give us a manicure that miraculously lasted all week-using ESSIE polish. This is truly exceptional as our manis tend to peel off or chip within 24 hours of application...always.

Our hair color got enriched and roots banished by Ivan Torres---something we desperately needed from all that pool chlorine---with a single process.

Added Plus: the chit chat with the super nice, salon assistant about pumped up kicks and basketball ---where he psychically pronounced the Knicks just needed a new coach (with the resignation served up 2 days later!!!). Gee, we wonder if he has stock tips.

Piper Cline is just an amazing young make-up artist we wish we could hire ---like everyday. Except her skill at applying individual false eyelashes-is just THAT GOOD-they ended up lasting for fours days -and that includes two swim sessions at the pool-with goggles!

Using a variety of cosmetics---including Smashbox and Laura Mercier...we got a flawless visage, just the right amount of lip/cheek color---and a strong inky navy/black eye that was perfect for the black tie party we were going to later on. All we needed to do was touch-up the lipgloss that if the rest of it were all air brushed/Photoshopped to perfection.

The latest addition to the team is celeb/fashion editors' fav Julie Tussey who is inclined to give her clients a strong brow that she meticulously crafts...but is totally open to what ever angle her customer wants-including leaving the color alone...a look for those who wear a really strong lipcolor-the trend of Spring 2012-and want to keep the rest of their face soft.

We loved chatting with this congenial gal---in fact Tussey-who does make-up applications too- has extensive knowledge on all the product must haves-including -smartly, using Temptu make-up (usually for air brushing)...applied with a foundation brush. Of the latter-she prefers the synthetic PETA approved ones from Hourglass Cosmetics. Other brands-Laura Mercier-for exceptional tinted moisturizers, Clé de Peau foundations, and Hourglass' VEIL Mineral Primer.


Earlier in the month-we attended an Organic Beauty Showcase-that highlighted certified organics and some other products with a strong natural composition---that were all preservative free.

SOAPWALLA is a home grown business from NYC that makes cleansing and treatment skincare products that won't strip skin of its natural oils or trigger immune system reactions---made from vegan food-grade ingredients without parabens, sodium laurel sulfate...etc.

new product-deoderant cream

Interesting for us---was the Daily Benefit brand of products---with a Daily Benefit Protein dietary supplement ---made from vegetable based protein. As we start to tri train, we basically can't get enough protein in our practically vegan diet---we tried the Natural Vanilla Flavor blend-mixed with water...and it was decently tasty- to our surprise. Gluten, egg, shellfish, nuts and animal protein free too.

Revolution Organics™ displayed nice blush/lip push-up beauty balms, skin creams, and lip glosses in five colors-made completely free of chemicals, parabens, synthetics and fillers...for guilt free glam.

Dr. Alkatis Organic Skin Care products-reminded us of Intelligent Nutients---i.e. ...nice smelling goodies made from edible living ingredients to feed ones living skin.

Lastly, we re-met Buddha Nose (HEALING BALMS, SALT SCRUBS, SPRAYS and BODY OILS made  with high concentrations of USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS)--- owner and organizer Amy Galper---who impresses us with her incredible knowledge of all things healing.