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48 East 43rd Street, 2nd Floor, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

Ensconced on the second floor of an anonymous looking office building, a stone’s throw from Grand Central Station, the full service Angelo David Salon is a calm destination for those seeking to acquire or maintain luscious locks.

Chances are, clients will never see celebs or actresses that crave the glare of an adoring public. Not that the paparazzi sought individuals don’t go here…it’s just that discretion is the mantra at this salon…with a private consultation room--- and a row of secluded treatment rooms for those VIPs--- or really, any customer that walks through the door.

Angelo David himself has the kind of warm, welcoming personality that would set even the most wired, lock distressed humans at ease.

And though this tastefully outfitted salon is plush without the pretensions of some glitzy salons---that come with the drama of Hollywood movie sets…

WE PREFER the comfort factor that we think, connects with the loyal clientele who entrust David--- or any of his long term employees--- with their hair and hair ‘issues.”

Hair extensions, attached with a bead via a unique process that one sunny customer called “lightening fast,” ---are the signature calling card here.

Wig work and additions too, are art forms, with human hair (that gets re-used) ---crafted/woven by a female busy bee who must have the most steady hands and focus to practice her craft.

Referred to as “Couture just for you,” ---all hair that is part of the new you ---is identically matched to your own hair in every way via customized cut, color, etc---


---Couture Hair Extensions that typically last 3-4 months (we saw a gal going for a waist-length Rapunzel worthy ‘do that looked her own, seriously, WE SO WANTED),

Couture Integration Additions (-a once x month treatment-that re-uses hair--- and is wig-like in technique),

Couture Fillers ---that boosts volume/thickness in areas that needs it…

Couture Fringe---instant bangs…

And Couture Wigs ---that are so comfortable and realistic looking they’re suitable for those with specific medical needs.



We had our chlorine challenged locks revitalized with the Redken Chemistry Treatment system that had our hair covered with Shot Phase (left on for about 10 minutes)---then Shot pHix to seal it in the moisture/protein--- sprayed on---then all rinsed out. 

After a quick blow out---we saw a shine on our head that has been seriously lacking all summer.

BRAND NEW: The purse size, nylon with Boars’ hair Bristle---hairbrush ($35-a value IMHO) that detangles par excellence without snapping hair follicles. We learned that one is supposed to brush hair before taking a shower---to “remove the loose ones”…and to lather up twice (to remove build-up, and then to clean)…

OTHER GOODIES: Angelo David has a few products of his own--- two in particular we use daily---the “Long & Strong” detangling spray (brush product through),

---and “Zero Frizz” ---we need two pumps on our wet hair…and let the whole thing air dry.

AND: Complex Leave-In Conditioner and Foaming Sea-Silk Styler (Medium Hold)---


.Hallway---with private treatment rooms.