Friday, April 8, 2011


Looking Out onto Wooster Street

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Fresh, original---yet always with a tip of the hat to an authentic heritage that every clothing label would love to have---Levi's  is not-ha ha, not your mother's jeans.

The press preview was held in the spacious Wooster Street/SOHO space that recently housed the Photography Workshop...

With models whimsically posed in vignettes that reflected the specific collections worn----amidst a festive atmosphere---- with kudos to the well staffed (never a wait), humongous bar located smack dab in the middle.

The Bumblers---this duo REALLY cranked it out---grabbing index cards, silently peering up under dark sunglasses...

He looked, we snapped a pic.

Giving a precise three paragraph analysis of the subject's style before them----typed out on oversized index cards----the old fashion way,

And for us...totally spot-on beginning with the sage observation that our style oozes complete comfort whether in a war zone, in the middle of a drunken spectacle----or at a World Cup match. (And we are soccer/futbol fanatics).

The line GREW----
We think they coulda been English or Anthropology Majors in college-tho' they prob still are in college 

As for the apparel, one thing we admire about Levi's is that unlike most fashion labels, this San Fran based company actually embraces eco practices as the company MO. For example, this commuter pants---new to us, where the design elements are well thought out---for the bicycle rider who gets off his wheels and walks into his office.

Strong Seams


U-Lock Storage Waistband

Stretch waistband

With a Evening/Morn theme---these separates in a popular dark Indigo rinse- had the stretch and comfort as well as slim fits that always look matter the vertical.

MADE HERE...cropped styles, denim- and cute easy wear knit tops.

A classic-Schott Leather Jacket---not Levi's but perfect to wear with

Cropped Khakis---very cute with a Demi Label letting us know the silhouette

Hats---Satya Twena and Yestadt Millinary/ Scarves by Taiana Giefer

-Filson and Levi's workwear collab did so well (REVIEW)'s continuing. Our fav...the water resistant, iconic Oil Tin fabric- in a Trucker jacket, a Levi's.

We figure this model was cast accordingly---though he was the only one on his own. We also figured later on, some attendees probably would join him in the tub...after a few by Heinekens or those Kanon Organic Vodka cocktails.

A smart way to highlight the Water Less collection----where the denim dyes/rinses required significantly less water...a major way fresh water gets used (or abused) btw.

CURVE ID---the only jeans we have that did not require a trip to the tailors for a terrific fit---in many styles and rinses for Fall 2011.

We LOVE Curve ID...

Cute belts-Austin Jeffers and Tanner

All Levi's apparel...including the trouser style flared bottoms---the models ---in all shapes and sizes too

What else we saw---
NOT JUST DENIM: Cool plaids, cords, rugged cotton canvas, cords, Henley + Rugby tees, cropped vintage, leggings in patterns, tunics---
...AT PLAY...

Love Adidas Originals here---and Fyre footwear elsewhere