Friday, August 20, 2010


536 Broadway, NYC


words, images Judith Ecochard

We think we heard tailors across the world sending out an SOS last night--- as LEVI'S CURVE ID has officially launched ...and the SOHO store in the Big Apple hosted camera wielding bloggers, juggling Pinkberry frozen treats, yummy cupcakes and sparkling wine in cute pink cans...

---while trying on their soon to be jeans with a guaranteed PERFECT FIT.

Without a need for alterations ---or tailors---or the inevitable search for brands that cut a certain way.

WHY: In the works for about 18 months, the bright types at Levi's contemplated how jeans really hasn't change in its fit/size DNA--- all that much.

Certainly styles and fabrications have changed---with jeggings (leggings+jeans)  being the latest idea to go mainstream...and boot cut-with various sized flares--- making a resurgence--though for us, the design of jeans we wear is completely decided by our footwear.


low waist
Hips-at their widest

Skinny jeans/jeggings---heels, wedges or tucked into Carson Frye boots...

Boot cuts---in winter because we wear warm-lined with something, lug sole kickers...and prefer the comfort of having our denim bottoms out...not scrunched in.

But the actual sizing has not been mixed up in awhile.

We gravitate towards certain labels ---in fashion too---because we know they will fit.

Gals all over face the aforementioned situation too. With jeans---one can go up a size and taking the waist in/hemmed up where needed. Or try on an average 10 pairs of jeans to find the style/brand that works for them.

NOW LEVI'S CURVE ID makes it easy for any female to find the ideal, FLATTERING FIT. As in back pocket placement, fabric stretch, AND the actual dimensions.



Slight Curve: in Skinny, Straight or Skinny Boot Cut jeans---for gals with less inch differential between their hips at their widest point...and the circumference of their low waist---(not true waist) ---as measured a bit below the belly button --- where most of us zip up--- and snap close our top button on our jeans.

Think body types like Olympic swimmer Dana Torres, actress---Cameron Diaz, model superstar Kate Moss.

Demi Curve: That flatters waists and smoothes shapes in Skinny, Straight, Skinny Boot or Boot Cut...
Think Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes

Bold Curve: Skinny, Straight or Boot hugs waists, No gapping or pulling---for gals like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé figures.

And a now launched fourth size Supreme---cause let's face it...the average American gal is at least a size 12.

To prove the point, Levi's had three waist size/ 27 inch models wearing the  three different cuts---and visually demonstrated how their very different figures all fit perfectly into their respective denim.

And then the gals switched it up to demonstrate how a Slight Curve gal is literally swimming in a size 27 jean cut for some with bold curves.

bold curves---when it fits!

..and below, in the wrong type---hello midriff and a squeezed in a tube, unflattering silhouette.

BONUS POINTS: This well organized events (congrats to the friendly, smart staff)---had all takers measured for the low waist/hip ratios...

But Levi's also has an interactive digital fit measurement system online.

PLUS: Different washes and denim thickness...

And branded stores and other retail outlets will have sales staff that can also help.

NOTICED: We wrote up the genius Filson/Levi partnership---and at this store the amazing Trucker jacket already is on backorder.