Monday, November 8, 2010


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Part exhibition space, part event space, part hands on studio/classroom...the newly open
  Levi's Workshop pay's tribute to the Big Apple's photogenic roots---and creates "a sense of community," for it's targeted niche----.

And anyone else who happens to drop by---IMHO very worthwhile.

We went to a Media preview that brought out the rocker in all of us with kickin' music, very live---by the band The Duke Spirit, models ---attired in Levi's separates every which way---including silhouettes that took us back to the 70's and 80', vino...

Yes, vintage cameras---remember film?  FOR RENT!

Old school photo booth takes glam b/w poses in under a minute---Free FYI.

Upstairs...there are glossy coffee table worthy tomes of photographer's works for sale, tear sheets attached to the walls ...and a discreet boutique of carefully edited collection of Levi's men's and women's wear for sale. We assume there's a try-on area.


Levi's did an absolute A+ job tricking out this huge industrial like white space...using materials with low impact, eco-wise, including this 'chandelier' with re-purposed giganto plastic water bottles.

This denim jacket, faded and decorated with statement buttons---that took us back to middle school days...

The Curve ID models from the NYC preview this past summer ....

INFO: Including a calendar of special events, exhibitions (currently one celebrating sports" "WE ARE ALL FANATICS" by Naomi Harris and Richard Kern/Vice)