Monday, March 19, 2012


Lincoln Center, Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Tokyo's Vantan Design Institute's design course, "International X-Seed" offers qualified students classes in both English and Japanese in fashion/marketing.

A selected few students---got the opportunity to show their wares in NYC.

We walked into the show not knowing a thing about the runway apparel were going to see---but at the end of it all...we walked away very impressed-as did our fellow attendees that we sat next to.

Sophisticated and modern, with very impressive fabrics and knits---we were not surprised to learn that many of the chosen designers already have their own collections for sale.

 Featured Designers: Cheryl Chee, Masato Miyata, Yuya Kubohara, Cheung Siu Yan

Another fashion show we saw, that impressed us-was that of Korean born Park Choon Moo---who we sometimes think should show in Paris---versus NYC which is seemingly all about the business (meaning retail with sale ready merch)--- most of the time.

Her Fall/Winter 2012 show was inspired "by the roots of one of the most important aesthetics of Korean beauty: Yeo Baek or The Void."

It reminded us of the 'negative spaces' in art---and then again---what the Black Hole of the universe is about-expandng energy, invisible to the eye but spiritually felt. Very Zen.

Such reflective ideas manifested into the reality of very well draped-flowing silhouettes-architrecturally distinct lines- with some delicate hand knits in cobweb patterns---cocoon shaped and tailored outerwear coats/jackets/capes-often hooded, dresses and skirts with asymmetrical hems, and pants---wide leg, fitted leggings- or with a dropped crotch--- in a black and white minimalist palette...using cashmere and Alpaca wools, organic cotton, leather and, silks.

These clothes are meant to be appreciated and probably understood by a select few-they are avant-garde in the way fashion icon Rei Kawakubo is...think Tilda Swinton's wardrobe choices versus ---whatever most other celebs or the flavor (brand) of the moment--- would adorn- something the masses can daily digest in a who wears it best moment... a different mindset. Not that there's anything wrong with either.