Monday, March 19, 2012

TARA OCEANS-A Scientific Voyage Sponsored by AGNÈS B.

Consulate General of France/Chelsea Piers

Fashion Week stateside was not all fashion for us-though a fashionable crowd of mostly French citizens attended an informative session on the 30 month scientific voyage of TARA OCEANS- a state of the art ship equipped with the latest instruments (and built eco consciously, btw)...with a mission to study the world's planktonic ecosystems.

Why this is important we learned-is that the aforementioned plankton are responsible for generating 80% of the planet's oxygen---waaaayyyy more than for instance the Amazon jungle. And given global warning which let's face it-it's over 75 degrees in NYC in occurring-how earth's marine life helps us to sustain our quality of life is vitally important.

Luckily, the presentation was in English---and even the scientists in attendance for the occasion -as the boat was docked on the Hudson River for a few nights...were able to answer very intelligent questions succinctly.

We loved actually meeting the great French designer Agnès Troublé - who is  AGNÈS B- a lifestyle brand which started with one Parisian shop-back in 1975....and is today, known for its chic and international appeal among items including apparel, cosmetics watches, jewelry, sunglasses and accessories.

Devoted to the Tara Expeditions organization---she dubbed the ship TARA---as one of her favorite films is Gone With The Wind- and the plantation "still standing" is a symbol of hope as well as a home.

It was a true pleasure for us later on to meet several members of the Tara Expeditions team-including scientists from France and Barcelona.

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