Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Columbus Circle, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

KARA ROSS makes gorgeous, distinctive and important pieces of jewelry designed to be worn, not hidden away in some vault. And by that we mean even the higher priced Kara Ross collection--and the immensely popular and value priced (IMO) boutique-Kara by Kara Ross collection.

Cuffs-made of lizard, eye-catching stones and solid hardware

The gracious press preview, in the elegant Columbus Circle towers---had a Central Park view that had jaws ajar almost as much as the collection of baubles and exotic skin carry-alls that we all previewed.

Several pieces, including her signature arm cuffs with bold geometric hardware- and the gleaming luminescent gemstone collection---are available imminently.
Mother of Pearl glows -with pave sapphire...and 18k gold overlay sterling silver

Lapis and turquoise

What we love-okay besides everything-is Ross's inventive use (and we add sourcing, clearly) of semi-precious materials (deep blue lapis, dark black onyx quartz, tiger's eye, the warm orange-red carnelian, mysterious amethyst, turquoise, rock crystal, multi-colored labradorite or topaz, sparkling citrine, etc)-and then her ability to magically conjure up-design wise, modern, wearable pieces-often geometric in shape- that we feel, are as wonderfully rendered as the ultra precious, signature pieces that weigh down (read- can look dated if not inappropriate) on all those Red Carpet ball gown ensembles.

We would not call these demure or delicate pieces by any means---and that is a good thing. When we wear jewelry-we want some oomph.

New are the equally transporting pieces of jewelry-in bold deep colors-that were inspired by a recent jaunt to Morocco...with the scarab shape appearing throughout.

The scarab beetle -rendered in jewelry form-was worn by ancient Eygptian royalty as a symbol of wealth and power.  

our latest obsession-

Additionally-there were "light" pieces-with an airy feel-like this fun bib shaped necklace...

Also new to us-are these easy to wear with everything bangles...to stack up one's arm...

KARA ROSS handbags are statement bags without the "see me" logos...and bling-though we consider these bags show-stoppers in their own right...with clasps/closures that deftly reference back to the jewelry collection.

Glitter -----

Many of the selections pictured are crafted from unique washes and treatments on exotic skins ---that make them really, practical art pieces that have enough compartments for all one's modern day needs----even the clutches...

This Trinity shape is particular popular-with closures as beautiful as a piece of KR's jewelry
NEW BASICS-smooth Italian leather bags...love the refined silhouettes.
smooth rich leathers---posh

interiors-with loads of compartments...

The prices of these keepers (bags/jewelry)-vary depending on the materials---but there is quite the range...from  mid 100's- plus (on average).


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