Friday, March 2, 2012


words/images Judith Ecochard

Lincoln Center, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NYC

Luxe body and leg wear by way of Firenze, Italy...received a finishing polish with neat, beautifully coiffed up-dos created by Manhattan based hairstylist Yann Varin...
Using L'Oréal Professionnel Products -including one of our favs...Mythic Oil

Mythic Oil

Each strand, including the baby fine hairs at the neck-were perfectly placed...and a "modern off the face"look ..."with some volume on the top knot for a more flattering look".....worked perfectly with the elegant and sexy collection.

We chatted a bit about current hair trends...and Varin, a native of France-noted that bangs are still popular...but somewhat softer. And remarked,  "bangs are very committed."

Embroylisse is backstage everywhere

Make-up for the haute couture line of body/leg wear ran the gamut-from top insider brands like Obsessive Compulsive, Makeup Forever concealers, and Freedom Palettes by Inglot, MAC Glimmershimmer, and Cinema Secrets- "a great foundation that's not cake or shiny."

make-up-artist Shana Janelle Swain (and Angela Rafael)

THE PRESENTATION-began with the seven models walking out-one by one- in the most basic items -body wear pieces that look chic and sexy----then all took seven seats on a barely raised platform...and slowly each model dressed with fab leg wear and hosiery, and then put on knits and stretchy separates to finish the ensembles----wonderfully showing the range and versatility of the Emilio Cavallini offerings.

inspiration from Beyy Page and other pin-up models

yes, the male photographers loved this show

Notes from the run of show stated that this was a representation of a cinematic vignette---very European for a not very patient American crowd. But there is no denying the Made In Italy craftsmanship of leg wear---made by this 40 year old company. As noted by the creator- "a hot new pair of tights ca add drama, dazzle and caché of walking wearing art without spending a fortune."

sheer and optical graphics with bold stripes

And a leg does make up 30% of a head to toe look---furthermore!

Victorian florals and paisleys