Tuesday, November 9, 2010


ROYALTY FEMME FATALES Guinevere and Marie Antoinette Inspire

MAC & MILK Studios, West 15th Street, NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Presentations of fashion/accessories design London based Alice Temperley are always thematically coherent…and well presented (and attended)---

Once again, a spacious white cube gallery space was transformed by spotlights, thumping music and blown-up photos of models modeling  the upscale Temperley London Collection (in oversized sun hats…and “casual line” Alice by Temperley collections for Spring 2011 (fedora and turbans up top),

All garments were presented on shiny white faceless mannequins---posed just so.

The main Temperlery London collection’s Guinevere will be wearing a chain mail knit hooded tunic---that was the most direct item on theis King Arthur theme of “dreamy romanticism.”

We thought the floor skimming Jersey dresses, a new fabric for Temperely, and ‘goddess’ draped gows---elegant---accessorized with chains---the designer’s take on modern armor.

There was also a group of animal prints and shiny metallics …on feminine jumpsuits and dresses.

Elaborate embroidered tulle, lace  and ribbon cut into panels---elaborate details.

The Black Label Collection is Temperley’s ultimate fusin of “tough and tender”----ruffles with power mesh, boned corsets, hand embellishments.

Accessories to match.

A lighter palette of whites, creams blushes, nudes and silvery grays roughed up with some dark black or brown leather made the more casual Temperley in keeping with the neutral color themes that we saw in several collections.

This may be a more younger collection, theoretically with more day pieces…

But there’s still a lot of detail…

Hand pleated rosettes and dresses graphically decorated with bold metal components…

Textures are noticeable…body hugging wraps via drapey jersey, super soft clipped jacquards,,,

The highlights---the separates we could wear to work---and oerhaps a modern day Queen of France--- including this stripped suit with a cotton tee…that female silhouette of Marie Antoinette playfully ---paired with a 21st century ensemble.

INFO: http://www.temperleylondon.com