Sunday, November 7, 2010


Outdoor Retailer, SLC Utah, Sixth Avenue NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Fun and affordable (or pricey luxe) seems to be the way to go in a retail environment that is working the high low style fashion/function footwear.

The Fundamentals-Tiki

AT the Sanuk booth, located amongst all the climbing companies…not another human could be squeezed in to this very popular locale.

All the fuss…was for a really large assortment of sidewalk surfers, what we call lined flip flops--- and sandals that are comfy---with flexible footbeds to coddle arches in a natural formation that makes feet stronger…

Some have details like tiny air holes ---that help one bounce back---offering high rebounding EVA footbeds…  lifting with every step.

Fraid So-suede liner

Natural materials rendered men’s styles in the Vegan and Vegetarian R.A.S.T.A. Project eco savvy---using sustainable hemp, natural cork--- with hemp jute detail and recycled tire outsoles gathered nearby the company’s factory,

The Beer Cozy Series of flip flops and slides have footbeds made from Yoga mats with several versions Vegan and Vegetarian---with very cool uppers like camo, or eco-friendly ---PU Nubuck Upper with canvas Underlay

Sock liners coined several flip flops--- with names like Poncho, Fay Cat

And design details---like frayed and sectioned canvas upper…inspired the Fraid Fault Line, and Fraid SO Tall & Big….

In cahoots with the rock climbing hero---the Chris Sharma Series…with Evolv climbing shoe Trax Rubber outsoles---
Base Camp

 Beer Cozy---

Very clever.

The Sidewalk Surfers are Sanuk’s original claim to fame--- with a patented sandal bed with cloth or leather uppers.

The Vagabond series with a frayed toe seams and patented Not-A-Shoe construction come in many pleasing laid-back styles.

 Motley Cruiser

 Holy Moly---a best seller


New for Spring 2011 are the Shunami Series with added height and laces featuring a lightly padded tongue and the new “Shock-N-Ahh” insole for comfort and flexibility.

AND-they sell soooo well because the shoe confirms to the foot---and strengthens it---akin to all that Barefoot/Natural footwear that has been written about.

With equally hipster names---

The Pick Pocket Series…deemed Sandals…Not Shoes…

Two styles are super soft, high rebound molded EVA footbeds with anti-microbial additive to the liner… and a stash pockets for ids/keys, a happy U outsole---and Vegan/Vegetarian.

And there’s a primo napa leather upper with suede and Jean detailing that retails for $85.

Females get their own earth conscious R.A.S.T.A. Project styles---with rough textured uppers that still have feminine charm…

Cute---the slip-ons Espathrill with a lightweight “Vulc=Lite” Footbed with canvas sock liner…deco hand stitching..and a slimmer profile.

The Girlie Collection flip-flops…lots of flirty details on the things…


Kiss and Tell

The Friad Series-Fraidy Cat---with suede liners

The Ibiza series---casual and dressed up with embellishments---

Ibiza -Ring Strap Design

 Ibiza Masquerade

 Ibiza St. Tropez

Ibiza Gypsy

Yoga Mat Series---squishy footbeds
Yoga Safari

Wedges for height without the fuss…

FTI: Sank means fun in Thai.
 Tarzan 2---Men's !!!

Prices for most sandals range from $16-$60