Sunday, November 7, 2010


Laguiole Knives, Pacific Outdoor Equipment, Laken Water Bottles, Coghlan's Spring 2011


Words. Images Judith Ecochard

One booth can have a wide assortment of gear that outdoor enthusiasts would love to go trick or treating in.

We started with Baladéo’s Laguiole knives,  staple cutlery in all French households and regarded with high esteem by adventure types across the Pond. 

Incredibly lightweight, we thought the Juniper wood and horn handles had that wanted warm wood feeling---also made with 440 forge steel blades that never go rusty---Languiole showed a winning assortment of folding, eating utensils and steak knives---

And all with the Three Bishops Cross on the side of the handle.

We also viewed Pacific Outdoor Equipment's Peak Oyl Elite sleeping pads---with the diamond cut pattern

And ---with side rails that come up and trap the heat and aluminum material inside the back that reflects back/retains radiant heat. Packs down...

Based on NASA materials--- there’s no transfer of the extreme cold or heat…so one could sleep on ice or open flames…in theory. Making these pads four seasons useable.

Women specific cuts too---with more cushioning at the feet and hip areas…

The material is made of recycled PET and the cushioning foam is Palm Oil based. An eco take and made in Bozeman Montana. (Four sizes…around $79.99)


Pillows that squish for easy pack (Small $18, Medium $20)

Bike panniers made of recycled fabrics that are lightweight and locks onto many types of two wheel rides…

New—the Beehive---slides under the seat…

With Spanish DNA--- Laken Water bottles are REALLY free of BPA --- adhering to the higher standards that European countries seem to have for a lot of stuff.

Junior Aluminum bottles---for kids at heart too.

The new Kukuxumusu (means spicy, fyi) Series artist series have cheeky, whimsical graphics----with flip top lids for easy drinking.


Accessories For Family Camping…

Now that we made the acquaintance of this Canadian company Coghlan’s- that’s family owned and fifty years young…

…We see it’s iconic packaging holding gently priced camping products…everywhere.

For Spring 2011, there are nine new products …

The Heavy Duty Camp Grill made of a heavy gauge metal frame and legs that pull out…strong enough for cast-iron cookware,

Wind proof and waterproof matches that can amazingly withstand immersion in water…and stay lit for 10-12 seconds before they self extinguish
And we were told one could check these in with our luggage.

Compression Sacks …that are unique in that there is web straps that compress stuff down---not rope. PLUS--they pack flat...via handy zips on the bottom and top.

And Dry Sacks…that we use to pack our stuff in our carry on. And as a pack liner when we backpack.

Made of ripstop nylon, the Dry Sacks are are fully taped and seamed for 100% waterproofing…and is available in 10, 25, and 55-liter sizes.

We thought this gigantic Biner ($3.99) was a fashion statement as well as that ultimate hook for Big Gear.

Also---a Battery (4-Ds) Air Pump that is good for high volume, low-pressure items like air mattresses.

And kid's fun headlights...