Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Midtown, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

The three Kellwood owned brands we previewed: Jolt, Democracy and XOXO are contemporary, fashion minded--- and affordable--- all have their own niche and style.

We love Jolt---a very fun,  lifestyle collection--- with teenage and twenty years old in mind (though we wear because the sizing is better for us)....

For Spring 2011...Shorts, Shorts Shorts--- and nice ones too...that can be dressed up with heels, or worn with flip flops to the beach.

 All agreed almost any age/ gal in shape could wear the above, rolled up or down...and below---our fav...with a silky drape to it. Fancy enough--- if worn with tights.

 Incredibly affordable (shorts average $34)---with no short-cuts on the trimmings...buttons, tabs, snaps are well sewn in/placed and of quality materials that will survive laundry day.

Denim, of course, is still a huge seller for JOLT. Here---lots of rinses...some faded but none really destroyed---a look we knew had a short life span.

Back pocket details---some ornate---are well done, we thought. Not one's taste---there are lots of options, including jeggings, cargo style, clean cut trousers without the frills...

 Rompers---polished with roll-up hems---$40.

 We thought the tops were adorable...shirred, ruch...our top pic are the two above...loose tanks with pretty graphics and sequin pocket details--- in a soft silky cotton blend. Prices---$20-$25 for most.
 Great for layering---sheer lace top comes in several basic colors.

Last summer we saw alot of young gals wearing long dresses instead of jeans for an easy outfit for a night out....

Jolt has many for Spring 2011 ($40)---the best ones with racer back styles out of lace or knotted for a craftsy feel.


Aimed at "a modern woman who grew up with fashion, but got busy with life," the value label Democracy has grown beyond the sporty stuff--- jeans, jeggings, tanks into a fuller line of pretty separates for Spring 2011.

 We saw a tasteful selection that we thought was quality made---basics with nice details---mindful of the trends---(boho, ethnic prints, cargo/safari) ---but we would not call this a trendy line. Priced above JOLT with tops-$50-60, dresses around $100...and in sizes that are cut for Americans...4-16, we can see how that customer base is huge.


For the college grad or Cosmo gal--- out in the world, XOXO is made for them---with a full head-to-toe wardrobe choices  of accessible contemporary clothes with flirty flair.

For Spring 2011, XOXO had three themes going---with the three delivery waves...

"Baton Rouge" southern style ruffles, pretty pastel prints, a few knits and jackets with feminine lines...

"From The Sea" including swimwear and separates ready for a cool ocean breeze---and what we thought were particularly strong---the dresses...with terrific sleeveless options, gently ruched, fabrics with shape retention and stretch so they will fit RIGHT...

"First Encounter" that baffled us a tad---but included lots of nice long dresses---the updated version of the patio dress--in solids and cool prints.


 XOXO always has tailored options---we think probably get overlooked but are perfectly presentable.

Lingerie too---sassy fun.