Saturday, November 6, 2010



Words, Images Judith Ecochard

We ride a whole lot of mass transit…really the only way to zip around Manhattan weekdays.

Lately- we’ve seen a lot of color pops and bold graphics on the back of tweeners/teens hauling it all to school (so much for e-book readers),

AND on the shoulders of adults heading off to wherever...

No surprise---as to the brand since we recognize that noticeable logo of two mountains belonging to High Sierra.

For Spring 2011, brand extension was in the air…(tents, camp furniture...)

There's a lot on the market that comes with the performance gear bells and whistles... but High Sierra has some of the most amazing designs we've ever and value priced. Which is why this company benefits from wide distribution at outdoor gear and fashion stores alike.

Below--- fresh takes on the graphics/tones for totes 

Whimsical patterns and flowers---inside, great lining, easy care with enough inner pockets for everything. (Ashley, Shelby) 

--- and messenger bags---(the Tank style below, for example)---a hauler that's a bit more grown-up and commuter friendly then a backpack...

We also love the duffels…the 22inch Bubba …the 24inch Crunk Truck…and the 24-inch Ball Busta…terrific digital prints...lots of outside and inner zipped pockets.

We think this pack and go Duffels…here in Blue Plaid…folds up small to carry.

A line of unisex technical packs=== including sizes for a female friendly backing system for smaller frames …

The 30” Lightening

Like some other makers, “Vintage” shapes packs old style with new the above larger Badger---in a 40-inch aluminum frame.


There are many sizes of Tents- manufactured and made by NorthPole Limited---and even the big ones that are family oriented---we were told, take all of five minutes to set up.

A technical fabric---
Dry Tanium™ a special water-resistant coating---is the first line of defense against water infiltration
and other features like Dry Guard™, Dry Floor™ and Dry Lock™all work together to deflect water away and prevent leakage, everywhere.

Another HS highlight is the Camp Port™...a weather protected passage for electric cables since some camping experiences consider electricity a must...
(the tents have mini me's --- one, two person, family and even two room available)

...and EZ-Glider™ a specially designed zipper slider that reduces the potential to snag offering an easy zip.

And we think a major design plus---rain sheltered vents near the base ...that allow for cooler air to enter as warm air escapes through mesh panels on the roof (Cyclone Venting™).

For Details and E-Commerce:

Summit Camp Table that supports 56 lbs---with a shoulder strap carry bag...and....the Sentinel Reclining Mesh Lounger (can hold those weighing up to 300lbs)...make grabbing for a beverage in the great outdoors--that much easier.