Monday, November 15, 2010


Lincoln Center, NYC
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

'Vittadini Spring 2011 captures the ephemeral beauty exhilarating elements and brilliant colors of nature---from the deep ocean blues to the natural desert tones to graphic fiery prints---all with the collection's signature ease and luxury."

Kristiina Salminen Design Director, Adrienne Vittadini Collection

Words/Images Judith Ecochard
 IMHO, when a company fronts their Design Director front and center---as the face of the revitalized Adrienne Vittadini label,  an approachable, price wise- well made knitwear brand with Italian heritage---it's because 'they' have something to say---or show as in this S/S 2011 collection.

 The word luxury we think is a misnomer---really our thoughts go to Hermès when we think luxury---but we get the idea that true luxury comes with simplistic ease and elegance of dressing---and this Adrienne Vittadini output does that very well. At price points that are, well---easy as well. As in there were plenty of Lord & Taylor reps when we got to this presentation...

Our favorite looks belonged to the casual wear ---stretchy leggings, grown-up boyshorts, skinny pants...paired with  flattering orange tops---in an Ikat a cardi ---

 We also liked this Indigo denim city dress---dressy enough for work in most settings.

A few prints---a blousy floral silk---and as below- a silk dress--- and this abstract giraffe print cropped jacket with a fine-guage crew over taupe double knit skirt---our favorite ensemble.

 Vittadini signature knits---are never absent---a Lunar Rock sheer cardigan and tank over mélange double knit skirt= four seasons attire.

Polished garments with just the right accessories for a pulled together wardrobe---contemporary, not trendy---but not necessary. Adrienne Vittadini never veered toward the cutting edge, but always- in our minds anyway--- clothed modern women in quality pieces ---gals who want to look stylish, not forced.