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Specialty Food Show 2017

Tempting Dessert Toppings-featuring rich caramel always a fav...spoon worthy good enough to eat fun sweet bubbles-a take on the Taiwan Bubble Tea craze that's gone global.

Robert Rothschild Farms popular dessert toppings have a new flavor- Caramel Nocino -caramel-vanilla sugary nutty addition 
DATE LADY USDA ORGANIC, gluten-free and Kosher- Date Caramel Sauce-SOFI winner worthy of ice cream, cheesecake and as a crisp cut able dip-bade from real deal cream, their award winning date syrup...with aromatic vanilla and touch of sea salt.
Vermont based FAT TOAD FARM-SOfi Winner-Traditional Goat Milk Caramel-uses traditional methods to churn out many velvety, creamy caramel products-in partnership with Vermont Creamery...a local source for its subtle tangy goat milk flavor. New: Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider Caramel-a collab with Stowe Cider-not too sweet smooth addition to a winning line-up of dessert toppings.

Chewy fun-made of sweet tapioca+fruity jellies (different flavors-25% real fruit juice)-PURE25 Bursting Bobas not just adorn tea these days-used to add some fun atop cocktails too. This company sells this Asian inspired treat-cholesterol+fat free, low sodium+calorie, and vegetarian- in 6 flavors-delivers in 7.26 lb tubs-probably targeting professional users.INFO: