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Gourmet Ice Cream: Creamy Goodness Goes Global

Fancy Food Show 2017: Part 2

Will exotic flavors and healthier indulgences knock vanilla + chocolate ice cream off its lock on American tastes? At higher prices-maybe yes-maybe no...but for sure gourmet ice cream is common fare  everywhere...vs last decade's occasional specialty foods' sightings.

Mr Mochi an international company who makes single portion delicious Japanese frozen mochi treats-with a doughy sweet rice outside surrounding ice cream interior...extends its brands with deeply intense natural ice cream flavors that incorporate Asian tastes into pints of dairy ice cold creaminess. Choices choices...Cold Brew Coffee-with chocolate covered espresso beans, Chai Latte -with traditional Masala Chi spices, Green Tea, Ginger Ginger with candied ginger, and Red Bean with sweet Azuki Beans.
Mr. Mochi's mochi-as well as the pints of primo ice cream are rBGH, carrageenan, corn syrup +gluten free, non-GMO 
Superfood nutritious...Tropical Açaì fruit wonderful berry goodness in a USDA certified organic sorbet, certified kosher dairy-free Amazon sourced treat. 
Attendees lined up for sample tastes of SOFI winner Graetner's handcrafted small batch ice cream...including us...the premium classic flavors-like  Madagascar vanilla bean's authentic flavor sourced from the African Bourbon Isle off the coast of Madagascar,,,and chip selections-including mint chocolate chip with pure mint oil ALL favorably slays mass produced machine made rivals...the Signature Chip French Pot Ice Cream-nabbed the trophy. Currently available at their many neighborhood locations-in middle part of the USA-and coast to coast via next day air...

FATBOY COOKIES' Joel's Outrageous uses their 100% all natural fresh chocolate chunk frozen cookie dough mad with real butter- (no trans fat, Kosher-Dairy)- for a chewy richness sandwich + premium vanilla ice cream with chocolate icing= Ice Cream Sliders. 

 MUD-a maker of healthier treats delivers single serve+pints of cooling coconut mousse made with natural plant based coconut milk and cashews, sweetened with whole raw dates (5 ingredients!!!) -FREE from gluten, dairy, soy and emulsifiers. Also available in vanilla and chocolate mousse made from 4 ingredients, each. Certified PALEO and Vegan. NOW AVAILABLE IN NYC AND LONG ISLAND.

Not technically ice cream--dairy free SNOW MONKEY Vegan+Paleo-is "ice cream reinvented"-in that  instead of relegated to dessert -this treat is worthy of meal status...with real deal anti-oxidants in the sweet tart goji berry loaded GOJI-OUS is plant based- with healthy bananas plus water, apple puree, hemp seed protein powder and mixed berry juices. ONLY 99 calories a serving with eye catching levels of vitamin C and Manganese-plus 5 grams of protein per serving aka for you pint eaters-an entree portion 20 grams. A cacao flavor (cocoa powder) is also available-and also free of 8 major alleges including gluten..