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Connoisseur's Crisps -Rice +Ancient Grains

Crackers and snacks...nix the standard wheat flour in favor of gluten-free rice- or wholesome ancient grains -often jazzed up with bold ethnic flavors- now fully embraced by Americans.
Part 4



Kameda Crisps -came out with frosted rice cakes a few years adds spicy crunch and an unexpected sweet touch to traditional gluten/cholesterol free baked rice snacks....with chili cumin heat and roasted peanuts. Also in other hot flavors-wasabi, black pepper with hints of garlic/paprika/basil for sophisticated bites, 

Wholesome-featherweight  USDA Organic SUZIE'S Kamut Puffed Cakes made from puffed wheat kernels-are a good cracker substitute fro dips/cheese/honey imo. In lightly salted. agave sweetened or plain versions-cholesterol/preservative free. When we crave carbs after a tough workout but want to keep the calorie count DOWN-we have these on their own. Widely available.
In Season Rice Bites Seaweed -crunchy salty/sweet treat with seaweed flake (nori), cane sugar + tamarin sauce -good straight out of the resealable bag. On Amazon.

SOFI winner...LAIKI keeps ingredients simple...using flavor packed black rice for these little  crunchy square.   Gluten-free using sustainably sourced back (and red) rice from Thailand, sustainably sourced palm oil and sea harvested salt. HANDY-packaged in 100 calorie single serve snack size bags...fairly widely available including Starbucks where we live...and online in bulk. Yummy!