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Crispy Waffle Treats+Sweet Bites

Fancy Food Show 2017

New fancy waffle crisps and cookie bites- can dress-up ice-cream...just like statement making glammy accessories can add pizazz to any wardrobe ...

Wonderful WAFFLES 

Daelmans showed a new chocolate-caramel flavored with cinnamon and bourbon vanilla. ..STROOPWAFELS...their take on the Netherlands thin crispy cookie-waffle hybrid - Yes-you can place over a hot cuppa to melt the sweet gooey interior...but we think worthy of  cold ice cream sandwich status...tempting tasty play on texture. Non-GMO and no artificial flavors or preservatives

Belgian Butters-Mini Waffle Crisps...are another delicious take on thin crispy cookie/waffle European treat. Made with real butter...and also available in larger size,  its resealable bag is handy.... just in case -not entirely eaten once tripped open!

Italy's Messori Cono's are  NON-GMO-crispy waffle cone dipped/filled with creamy real chocolate...found on AMAZON-fun topping for ice cream-or eat on its own.

WAFFLESHOT-yes indeed are shot sized-crispy waffle crisps hand dipped in Belgian chocolate-in multiple flavors including white chocolate (far left) or tiny crunchy salted caramel bits (pictured above far right)-beg for  adult liquor or hot coffee fillings-as a sweet edible coffee cup. Made by a sister duo's company ZIA VALENTINA -who coined their product "...stilettos of snacks..." can also be G rated worthy-filled with ice cream.
BELGIAN BOYS WAFFLES CHIPS...cookie aka galette size buttery crisps made for dipping into coffee, hot chocolate or ice cream-in a bunch of flavors. Nut free, trans fat free and Kosher...non-GMO and no artificial flavors/preservatives.
Belgian Boys YOU ROCK IT WE GIVE IT-deftly uses social media to engage customers...inviting posts with humans rocking the stash...with the hashtag #rockthatstash/charity of choice-one winner per month get part of that month's proceeds from these tasty cookies the selected non-profit. Very cool.


SHEILA G invented an entire category of sweet snacks, imo, with her addictive fudge Brownie Brittle-a genius smart way to package the scrumptious crispy edges/ top part of baked brownies. Now- in 6 satisfying flavors= salted caramel, chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip, toffee crunch, dark sea salt chocolate and peanut butter chip. joined by 3 USDA Organic and gluten free selectionso-that are ALL just as mouth watering addictive as the original, For portion control-snack sized (HA!) -we love the new COOKIE BITES + BROWNIE BRITTLE BITES...crisp chocolate chip covered in creamy chocolate...and chocolate chip Brownie Brittle morsels covered in creamy chocolate, pictured above-for serious pop in+ melt in your mouth, single sized indulgence!
CUTE!!!! MYSUPERCOOKIES are USDA Organic, non-GMO certified-cookies are in single serve portions just right for kids lunch bags. Made in a nut-free facility-with real deal 18 grams of whole grains (organic whole wheat flour, organic rice flour) per serving these animal cracker slayers...are a nutritious sweet 'junk food' alternative-even adults won't feel guilty about eating either, We tasted the Blueberry Vanilla Heroes-with dried organic blueberries added fruity chewy bits to crisp cookies. There's also organic chia seeds + quinoa for added healthy fiber and nutrition the pint sized won't even notice. Also made with allergen safe coconut oil.