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Connoisseur's Crispy Crunches: Seaweed Snacks

Part 3

Fancy Food Show 2017-Javits Center/NYC

Buttery-ish crispy, salty and satisfying-seaweed (nori) crisps/chips are a popular snack -naturally low in calories -and increasingly spiced up or sprinkled with almonds.
The only downside-def can't eat just 'one' serving-packaged like crackers... but practically more melt in your mouth then chewy and thus easy to devour (and not share).
South Korean and Japanese companies... showed off a few seaweed snacks...

hot-spices married with salty seaweed-imo -better than the potato or whole grain based  competition-and healthier.

most seaweed crisps roasted with sesame oil...Future Food's made with healthy grapeseed oil

Samwon Food

 HANMIRAE Seaweed Snack

South Korea's C-Weed brand flavors it up with hints of sweet coconut-some of this company's products are sold on Amazon in bulk-trust us-want that many packets.
Naturally, we helped ourselves...gone in two days...
California based Seaport Farms in four versions including pictured... Pumpkin Sesame + Almond Sesame as well as sweet savory flavors... sold on and