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Sensational: Ready to Eat Sauces From Family Recipes

Fancy Food Show 2017 

Part One

NEW Scrumptious flavors of classic sauces/marinades- liven up entrees, pastas and appetizers without the fuss/hassle-using family (mom's) recipes.
Noted: Family owned, tasty global inspirations, 'clean' ingredients-are specialty food trends -  embraced by smaller companies where the owners are happy to  dish out their own creations...AND have put the big companies on notice-attracting infusions of cash or outright offers to buy.

Top Picks:

Why bother buying all those ingredients to make pesto from a homemade recipe-when NJ based RANDAZZO;s Pesto Sauces-including delicious, versatile Kale Pesto, pictured above- made without added sugar or preservatives and containing real deal 100% extra virgin olive oil -not a cheaper oil blends of similarly priced other brands ($5.99) and Pecorino Romano cheese...makes it 'honest to goodness sauces' just like you (or your mother) would. AND-without the clean-up hassles too.
Like many of these family owned food companies, Randazzo was founded (2008) in a home kitchen by someone who wouldn't even think of using sauces in a jar-until she produced her own. Other varieties of this sauce/dip/flavor-spinach, Basil and Five Herbs. Widely available...
Further proof New Jersey rocks-literally---Bongiovi Pasta Sauces by father of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi...are all natural, gluten free, Kosher and no preservatives... quality sauces-inspired by a great-grandmother's secret recipe. Pretend or imagine spending hours toiling over a hot stove, simmering fresh tomatoes, aromatic basil,  garlic and onions for delectable Marinara sauce-you and your fellow eaters will be Bongiovi converts at the first whiff/taste of this classic Italian pasta/pizza staple. Other sauce flavors available include Dad's Original -with garden fresh vegetables-red/green bell peppers+mushrooms, Tomato Basil, Arrabbiata (spicy) with pepper accents, Hearty Garlic Sauce-using Italian vine -ripened tomatoes, and a Classic Curry -great for a variety of pastas, seafood, pork or chicken.
Bonus Points-terrific packaging-in easy to open -resealable pouches...easier to carry+shelve-in cabinets and refrigerate after opening, Also available in traditional glass jars. More Bonus Points: Bongiovi brand created to help support the Jon Bon Jovi Foundation-a non-profit with a mission " combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair through he funding and creation of programs and partnerships."
Celebrated Italian born James Beard acclaimed chef+entrepreneur+ TV Emmy winner Lidia Bastianich visited (and) tasted many of the Italian delicacies freshly conjured up at the Specialty  Food Show-in addition to supporting her own line of authentic sauces-like the Chunky Eggplant and Garden Vegetable flavors-(Kosher, gluten-free)-all made from imported Italian plum tomatoes + available in 25oz glass jars ($7.80). Two new(ish) offerings=  two USDA Organic, made in NY-Marinara and Tomato Basil sauces ($8.99) that have mouth watering ingredients  from both sides of the Atlantic-organic Italian tomatoes, organic carrots, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic California garlic, sea salt organic basil, organic honey and organic crushed red pepper.

SAUCY MAMA-(parent company, family founded Barhyte Specialty Foods)-gets down to business...with sizzling up some BBQ heat-using the Sweet Heat Marinade-a mix of creamy black pepper and sweet -hot chili sauce-like red Anaheim chilis+red jalapeno peppers -perks up red meat, pork-or as a flavor loaded dip for dumplings. 

YO MAMA'S YOM FOODS Marinara Sauce uses "Grandma Cacciatore's Sicilian family recipe"  to serve up naturally low in sugar/sodium pasta staple made from vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fragrant herbs. Available in 24oz glass jars.
Other offerings-Balsamic made from pure Modena Italy balsamic to dress up salads... and Sesame sauce-made with gluten-free tamari rather than soy sauce.