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GOURMET ICE CREAM-Specialty Food Trends

Fancy Food Show 2017

Vanilla and chocolate reportedly take the podium in a USA ice cream's most wanted flavor contest...but everywhere we looked at this gorgethon tradeshow...exotic combos of glam ingredients bejeweled dairy and non-dairy indulgences of this American staple.


Notable...'clean' ingredients-ditching questionable stuff like thicker/emulsifyer carrageenan, rBST hormones-or artificial flavorings -adding tasty gourmet additions of sweet, salty, and/or tart ones...livening up smooth creamy textures with complimentary bits of chocolate, fruit, sea salt-and sophisticated ethnic/international spice blends.

COOLHAUS Awesome Ice Cream-from the acclaimed company that hit it big in the food cart/truck biz (lucky us-we had a meal worthy ice cream sandwichof theirs at media event last year ) dishing out pints of splendid creamy blends of America's most wanted combos in over 4000+ retail outlets. Incredibly they scoop out 80 (!!!!) flavors at any given point in time including some regional flair flavors like fried chicken and waffles. More tempting for us...and perhaps less gimmicky ...pictured above-winning all tastebuds - Salted Caramel (Maldon Sea Salt), Bananas Forster (Dulce De Leche swirl), Dirty Mint Chip (fresh mint leaf, brown sugar dark chocolate chip), Sunday Funday (Tahitian vanilla bean, chocolate hazelnut, roasted almonds), Campfire S'mores (salted Tahitian vanilla bean, graham marshmallow cookie butter, dark chocolate squares) Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone (Italian mascarpone w/ balsamic glazed figs), and Chocolate Molten Cake (dark chocolate, chewy cake pieces, fudge frosting swirls). 
COOLHAUS Ice Cream sandwiches-also make ice cream bars. 
College pals...and hardworkers-the gals of Minus The Moo -are both ice cream addicts-one with a lactose intolerant GI tract...displaying full flavored  delicious primo creamy options -made from 100% farmer owned dairy supply, of real deal milk+cream,  rBST -free that's also lactose free. Five flavors- chocolate, sea salt chocolate chip, mint chip, vanilla, and espresso...the later we tried-and was absolutely fab. Def a luxury indulgent full flavored option-vs non-dairy 'ice cream' alternatives made from plant sources like almond or soy. Yummy!

La NEWYORKINA Mexican Ice & Sweets...purveyor-is a cult worshipped Highline/NYC park vendor of south of the border sweet treats...  now has a year round downtown NYC destination for-among other scrumptious eats... creative + fab combos  of ice cream aka "nieves de garrafa"...inspired by owner Fany Gerson's  Mexico City living childhood. Transporting flavors like original five including mango chile, hibiscus, coconut, passion fruit and avocado...joined by (on a rotating basis) molé, tropical margherita and très leche -are all handmade using a super large wooden paddle-blending mixes in stainless tubs inside oversized wooden tubs vs traditional churning methods. Nifty-the end results are super creamy.