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Added Protein Powers New Snacks-Fancy Foods Show

Cabot Creamery is the iconic cheese maker in Vermont (plus now yogurts, sour cream, butter etc)-sourcing their milk from a co-operative of families-since 1919. New for them-and interesting -we think the first whey product actually coming from a dairy unflavored WHEY PROTEIN powder product that  can be added to smoothies and recipes. 20g of protein per serving/100 calories.

A lot of protein bars have a dry texture...but this moist chewy Oatmega grass-fed whey protein bar...was tasty, somewhat filling-def worthy+ flavorful with real deal chocolate and coconut. Gluten free, non-GMO and with 7grams of fiber (oats in there)/5 grams of sugar-the latter stat on the low side for a nutrition bar...a good thing. Also with healthy OMEGA-3s.

Find Your Inner Abs indeed-high protein instant POWERFUL Oatmeal boasts added whey powder concentrate boosting this snack or breakfast staple -with 21 grams of protein (and 25% calcium). Four flavors-included new Peanut Butter & Honey. 240 calories.

POWERFUL YOGURT-is creamy Greek style, satisfyingly rich version of this refrigerator must-but even better imo-the added why powder elevates the protein count to 25 grams a serving and as par for the course-packed with probiotics. Terrific...and no doubt-as endurance athletes -this yogurt will be a familiar sight in our household-ready to eat post race. Bonus -delicious and yet has no added sugars-stevia used instead. WIN WIN. In four flavors and plain. Widely available .