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The Caffeine Coffee World

(... we're buzzing in it)

COFFEE Trends-Fancy Food Show 2017


Cold brew saturation????  We saw a lot less of those kinds of offerings than anticipated (and how come no decaf versions???)...

Seen-coffee as a flavoring, more name dropped sourcing- of single bean origins-like premium chocolates, new bottled drinks, and a clear winner judging by the retail interest-a 'healthier' powdered creamer.
puzzling-the lengthy line for Starbucks in the Davits lobby-when inside the aisles of Italy's offerings...some of the smoothest coffee/espresso/cappuccino we ever had. Our first daily destination...grazie. 

Cold Brew brags about its smooth taste-we'd say Ottobono-Italian coffee-roasted just so via a 1950's Petroncini machine -tastes even more aromatically... deliciously satisfying-a true full hot sip---we even considered getting a Nepresso machine just to use its single serve capsules they had at the booth to demo. Comes in whole beans and ground too.
Cafe Grumpy independently owned/operated casual eateries -originated in Greenpoint - Brooklyn-now offer worldly roasted selections-including coffee subscriptions for the faithful...lacking a local destination.

Nice-Cold Brew on tap...Joyride Coffee delivers kegs plus...and on tap options=Cold Brew, NOLA Cold Brew, and kombucha!
our first taste of Italian café growing up...illy introduces RTD bottled blends of Cappuccino, Café Vanilla Affogato, and Caffé Latte.

Hmmm-tasted like green tea to SUNUP Pure Green Coffee...made from unroasted green coffee beans -lightly sweetened with stevia (pictured)-but also with cane sugar and unsweetened versions-has the caffeine of coffee AND the healthy anti-oxidants of tea. Win Win here.
Travel size packets...handy.
Hailing from Beverly owned Leaner Creamer is imo the first dry creamer we've seen with without ingredients like artificial colors/flavors, hydrogenated soybean oils, or high fructose corn syrup solids. Our arteries pumped clearer just by reading the four flavors and interestingly-contains coconut oil-a reportedly healthy aid of fat burning, green tea and bitter orange lactose, gluten, sugar and cholesterol free.
A precept extension line we love-we could use these for endurance races -need to figure out how to prevent melting in the heat...Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee Bites-delicious. Pictured the SOFI award winning version- in creamy-just tad salty Sea Salt Caramel Latte...41% milk chocolate... by premium chocolatier Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Now available in dark chocolate Jet Black Cold Brew Chocolate Coffee Bites 4 piece packets/$2.49
This smoky flavored Tangy COFFEE BBQ SAUCINADE (sauce+marinade) by Galangso (Nature's Kitchen) (Bob Marley fans alert)- is a sophisticated Jamaican style blend of bold flavors-medium heat-we'd pair with 'simple' foods like our winter staple of yummy mashed potatoes!
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whisky Coffee-medium/dark blend

Booze flavor-for people who LOVE a caffeine -alcohol buzz of an Irish Whiskey...but need to skip the alcohol part. In decaf too.

from Austria...Zotter's finely packaged USDA ORGANIC Coffee and Grits $5.95...blend of regional whisky (corn derived)-polenta ganache-(white chocolate) -covered in coffee roasted in-house. Breakfast--non????. We did not try this-but def intrigued. Did try their dark chocolate Espresso version...terrifically creamy ganache in dark espresso made from blend of Mexican+Colombian Arabica coffee beans.