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Campfire staple (roasted) now a  stand out snack!


Trends from the Fancy Food Show 2017

Marshmallows mature into bites that are gourmet flavored for adults-with reasonably portioned 'low'calories, "simple ingredients," and protein packed options to eat on their own.

Mellow Fluffs-part of new handmade line from Mellow Snacks from Hammond's Candy. These 'better for you' sweet gooey marshmallows come  in 6 flavors-Toasted Coconut (Pictured), Birthday Cake, Vanilla Bean, Key Lime, Snickerdoodle, and Mocha Latte

...even non-cooks growing up probably made those EASY rice crisps/marshmallow bars. Well now they're amped with protein (milk protein concentrate, soy protein isolate) Enlightened Marshmallow Treats with me satisfying crunch/sweet chewy/gooey. In 4 flavors including pictured apple cinnamon crispy. $2.99

SMASH MALLOW-premier snackable marshmallows are made from 100% organic sugar/gluten-free ingredients come in six tempting flavors that remind us of ice cream's greatest hits...-pictured-toasted coconut pineapple $4.00

we tired one of these Smash Mallow Cinnamon Churro-sweet and hints of spice =NICE. Nore-on those calories/serving---like chips-pretty easy to devour more than that...