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Fancy Food Show 2017

Plant based flours-are the new 'it' ingredient for baking, smoothies, thickening up sauces, etc...alongside ancient grains + gluten-free selections that Americans have pretty much mainstreamed into their diet preferences.


Family owned Premium Gold Flax Products & Processing Inc-from North Dakota...has several shelf stable non-GMO gluten-free flours, kosher, vegan+ USDA Organic flours...made from ancient grains and flaxseed-with more protein+fiber-and Omega 3s than the regular ole' white flour lining grocery store shelves. Handy=Baking & Pizza Flour versions with yeast, sea salt and baking powder in the mix already. No cholesterol, trans fats, additives or preservatives.

Let's Do...Organic -USDA Organic, non-GMO Organic Green Banana Flour and not pictured---Organic Coconut Flour.....gluten-free-with fiber, protein and beneficial fats -and free of allergy triggers like corn starch + wheat

Widely available Bob's Red Mill had an entire wall of flours...impressive to say the least-including almond and coconut ones +  USDA Organic  selections...from grain and non-grain source. Pictured above-  100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat that can be used for baking goodies-same ratio as the white flour kind.
Bob's Red Mill PALEO Baking Flour a unique blend of nut flours+root starches...grain, dairy, bean & gluten FREE- is a big seller for the advocates of this kind of diet....
Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder...can be blended  into shakes and smoothies for plant-based well as baked goods, pancake batter or oatmeal.
Hearty Naturals-known for its USDA Organic-non-GMO coconut products including its USDA Organic Virgin Coconut Oil made in Sri Lanka -also has this new to us,  Moringa Powder-made from the green superfood naturally beefed up with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals+amino acids...can be added to smoothies, sauces/dressings and baked goods.