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Connoisseur's Crispy Crunches-

Fancy Food Show Trends-New Chips, Seaweed, Bean, Cheese Snacks-Healthier Options (free of...) + Gourmet Flavors

Part 1

Heathier gourmet snacks (always addictive...made from beans-USDA organic basics, higher protein, non-clogging oils etc...) made from pronounceable ingredients-many in single serve portable portions...aligned every aisles at the Fancy Food Show. Notably-non-GMO contents were seemingly on every package we saw-except a handful of nostalgic retro-goodies and some small local selections.
No matter the regulatory mood in DC...consumers of all ages have opted for transparency and Mother Nature's provisions-without the man made chemicals- sustainably sourced.
NOTE:We'd like to see more recyclable, -bio-degradable packaging too!

Gluten-Free Pretzels
Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels-Sea Salt Twists, Everything Thins, Sea Salt Sticks-Buttery crisp salty-non-GMO diary/meat free-no trans fats...

Good Health Gluten Free-non-GMO Sea Salt Pretzels ( also a new Peanut Butter Salt Free Pretzel) + dippable Organic Black Bean+Rice Tortillas-both SOFI winners (Bronze, Gold respectively)

ALL Protein Cheese Crisps/Wraps
We saw these debut at the show last year...Lolito Foods FOLIOS Cheese Wraps-can be sliced up/baked for crispy wells wrapped, rolled or melted. Carb+Gluten Free-made from cheese -in 3 flavors, cheddar, jarlsberg, parmesan. Now widely available...hint-so good and versatile-buy in bulk.
Debuted at last year's show packaging -resealable, shelf stable bags for addictive new flavor Schumann Cheese's Cello Cheddar Cheese Whisps® crisps...made from rbgh-free milk, 100% cheddar cheese....also comes in parmesan cheese version, pictured below. Widely available...