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Connoisseur's Crispy Crunches-Part 5

Fancy Food Show 2017

NEW ON Trend Bumped Up Crunches Pack in the Protein or Get Puffed Up
Plocky's PrOTATO® Crisps are a crispy innovative blend of potatoes and  plant protein (rice protein)-tasty take on the all American top crunchy snack. Gluten, peanut+tree nut FREE, no MSG and kosher certified...available in 3 crunchy delicious flavors -pictured spicy honey BBQ (w/ sugar, garlic onion, cane molasses), Peppercorn Ranch (onion, garlic, sour cream) and our fav original Himalayan Pink Salt. 3oz bags-1 oz serving/120 calories
we had our first taste of these fab salty-ish satisfying puffy gluten-free, baked peeled snacks PEAS please in Utah over a year and a half ago...and right away...were bowled over by much these soon became our 'reward' snack after 6+ hour endurance races. In 5 flavors. USDA Organic, wheat dairy+cholesterol free, no added sugar and bonus points-from a Certified B Corporation.

NEW from peeled snacks...baked USDA Organic PUFFS-certified non-GMO, gluten-free-in butter sea salt, aged parmesan, and nacho flavored (l-r). Ditch the Cheetos-without losing any of the fun...authentic flavor, airy light crisps that practically melt in your mouth-and yay-no weird colors left on fingers after eating. $3.99-4oz bag.
Fuller Foods Serious CHEESY PUFFS made in Portland, Oregon from real deal cheese...for healthier snacking without the artificial colorant/preservatives/so called natural flavors/adjuncts...and  yeast + GMO free as it's made from non-GMO Bob's Mill corn grits from Oregon+ California, non-rBST and antibiotic free milk and seasonings like garlic, salt, chili and/or black pepper-depending on the flavor. Seriously addictive-you've been warned. Available nationwide-including Bed, Bath, Beyond.
Highland Farm Foods adds new flavors -Quinoa POPs Sweet Chili + Black Sea Salt-made from the grain with higher protein +essential amino acids than other grains. Delicious-crisp and light...Bonus points-this family owned company goes the distance to source their quinoa from indigenous Ecuadorean farmers, helping with product distribution and paying fair market wages. Extra bonus points-member of 1% of the Planet-donates 1% of sales to non-profit animal+eco charitable causes-pretty standard for outdoor companies-not so much in the food industry.
SAFFRON ROAD ethnic spiced full flavored eats include a crunchy snacks of-non-GMO -Halal certified BEAN STALKS-tubular shaped crisps w/ half the fat of potato chips. 3 flavors sea salt (our pic with hints rosemary), cheddar, BBQ-all made from bean flour -green bean, red pinto, white cannellini -delivers 3grams protein/130 calories/1oz serving.

Saffron Foods-new CHICKBEAN CRISPS...healthier tortilla subs imo-made from real chickpeas (protein packed) and colorful mix-ups of vegetables like green lentil beans and yellow split pea -baked right in. 4-5grams of protein/1oz serving/130 calories. In flavors sea salt, white cheddar, and zesty ranch-w/ sour cream, onion, garlic, tomato, cane sugar, white distilled vinegar+turmeric flavorings.

Maya Kaimal -takes Indian flavors inspiration to a new crispy level in these new SOFI AWARD WINNER Chickpea Chips in cilantro lime-mild spice-garlic, cayenne pepper turmeric -tart (lime juice)flavors in a blend of chickpea+rice. All flavors of these chips are non-GMO certified, gluten free, kosher certified.

Vegan friendly P-nuff Crunch Baked Peanut Puffs-new take on a popular snack category introduced at the Fancy Foods Show-delivering complete protein made from peanuts,  navy beans and brown rice-which combined deliver 9 essential amino acids too.
Aptly named Perfect Life Nutrition leading life-food scientist/athlete -Dr. Juan Salinas-knows how important complete protein choices are for all-let alone these are kid friendly too. Non-GMO, gluten free-and non artificial preservatives, flavors or colorings and no corn or soy. Plus low sugar of 2 grams/serving-so no crash and burn either. Crunchy fun-and good crave satisfier post exercise. 

Spiced up chickpeas roasted in olive oil...if only these were a bar staple-lower in calories than peanuts---some of the best  satisfying + filling (really) crunches we've had- WATUSEE Foods...6 grams protein/5 grams real deal fiber-1 oz serving/120 calories-USDA Organic, vegan goodness, gluten free and non-GMO.  Also comes in cinnamon toast and spicy canyon.