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Connoisseur's Crisp Crunches-Gourmet Snacks:Part 2

Spicy hits, Pulse Crops-Whole Grains-Stone Ground...tasty textured crunchy potato chip alternatives...all of these can stand on their own for big favorable mouthfuls.

And yes, as addictive too.


Snak King's EL Sabroso Chips...flavored tortilla chips-in south of the border flavors...Jalapeñitos, Salsitas, Guacachip (and Baja Limon)-widely available including mass market discounters...are party pleasing alternatives to big producer offerings..
Pulse crops fyi-deliver nutrients-nitrogen back into soil-part of sustainable farming practices/crop rotation...and are the basis of these delicious crunchy gluten free RW Garcia Tortilla Chips made from stone ground, black beans, red quinoa, garlic, onion and sea salt-no artificial stuff for a healthier crunch that can be devoured on its own. Bonus Points:-Family owned company's commitment to sustainable snacking including using a solids separator that removes corn kernel skins from the cooking process...and any corn not processed is donated to cattle farmers for feed...while removing cornstarch from water used...sending remaining cornstarch to ethanol converters. 
Non-GMO Frontera small batch Authentic Taqueria Tortilla Chips-made from stone grain corn-in scoop worthy shapes...also in lime sea salt and indigo blue corn flavors.

Enjoy Life new gluten free Plentils Original Sea Salt Lentil Chips uses lentil powder and turmeric for these tasty chips...that have 40% less fat than the leading potato chip. Also-free of 8 common allergens---delivers in 3 other flavors (Margherita pizza, garlic + Parmesan, dill + sour cream).