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Best Eye Candy Packaging -Specialty Foods

Fancy Foods Show 2017 Trends

Javits Center, NYC

Akin to real world click-bate....bold graphics on gourmet staples- beckoned for bites (sips) at the most recent Specialty Fancy Food Show.

Top Visual Picks:

Or TEA? Premium Selection of teas-including organic selections---
Oui oui-Le Chocolat Des Français...

USA collection. Like Lady Liberty-from France to us...

Le Chocolat Des Français -USA collection. 

Vanuato Ka Kaw Chocolates -designs reflect Mexican origins -'The Chocolate of the Gods'-w/ indigenous patterns/prints-and Monarch butterflies.
Chocolate hipster alert-from Austria-Zotter Chocolates

Zotter Chocolate-spicey chewy fruits in dark chocolate

Zotter Chocolate-lactose free USDA organic...and Goat milk option fairly unusual

Zotter Chocolate-Vegan chocolates-no milk!
Company employees rock the waves-from California- Cocoa Parlor premium organic chocolates

 I Lecci della Torre from a tiny Tuscan grocery shop-to a brand- exporting Italian crisp treats to gobble up instead of chips...made of flour, olive oil salt and delicate heat of peppers-or aromatic fine herbs
Probiotic deliverer Lifeway's USDA Organic kefirs-now comes in these cute single serve probug FUN pouches-fruit flavors for kids.

reminded us of stills by YouTubers dressing up their pets in human accessories...Choc Stars German made chocolate
Choc Stars

Choc Stars

Adorable-vintage pic...Goodie Girl Cookies-new flavors...gluten/peanut free Fudge Striped
Tony's Chocolonely--makes it their mission to source /use only ]slave-free-chocolate/chocolate beans from fair trade 100% slave free sources...from West Africa. Different types-including extra dark chocolate (pictured)
Note-almost all high end chocolates at this show delivered a sustainably sourced + working wage paid for their chocolate suppliers.