Saturday, November 28, 2009


“The Beauty Of Nature. The Miracle of Science”

Living in harmony and embracing natural elements endowed with healing powers is the intrinsic MO of countries steeped in a Buddhist/Shinto tradition.

With this in mind, we made the acquaintance of a ‘healer’ and founder of Shinso® Skin Care Products--- Kawasaki Sensei…at a Park Avenue facility...a few weeks back.

And we use the word “healer” meaningfully---


First developed by Kawasaki as a natural means to cure himself of a crippling disease, Shinso (means ‘deeper layer’) is now available as a readily absorbable essence and spray mist. Chock full of rare (and costly) ingredients like wild rose, deep seawaters sourced from the Sea of Japan and the Italian mountains –naturally filtered and loaded with rejuvenating minerals, and the protein Human Oliopeptide-1 (EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor), a protein molecule made of amino acids, the serum soothes and regenerates skin cells.

Our experience with the serum was positive. Kawasaki himself, with a translator at the helm, applied/massaged in small pumps of the serum (100% paraben, oil and chemical free) to the bunched up knots in our shoulders (as it releases toxins accumulated wherever)…on parts of our neck, and then on two ‘trigger’ parts on our scalp.

Right off, we felt the tension melt away…we figured it was the winning combo of the serum and absolutely, the gifted healing pressure administered by Kawasaki, himself.

One side of our scalp/face was done first. When we looked in a mirror to “see the difference” --- it was very subtle…as our untreated side- looked like we had kinda side slept on it.

We also tried the Shinso Mist, that can be spritzed over makeup or on bare skin. The spray, good for all skin types---is composed of 30 natural compounds and “salutary botanicals” (hydrolyzed silk, aloe vera, balsam apple and wild rose extracts) that purportedly revitalize skin’s pallor, accelerates production of collagen, and acts as a natural toner.

Both the essence and the mist have two potent ingredients that are more effective at protecting the skin from harmful (aging) free radicals than Vitamin Ester C…we were told: SOD (superoxide dismutase-a natural occurring enzyme) and Fullerene ---a molecule composed of carbon. (FYI: We actually Googled “fullerene”---and the Nobel Prize winning chemistry of the science was beyond us).

We actually like the nutty taste of the powdered dietary supplement, Shinso® kazu---packed individually. We just dumped a serving in our mouth and swallowed. Immediately, we felt a surge of energy, akin to downing a sip of espresso. And right afterwards, we were able to pack in a gym session without feeling exhausted.

Skeptics like us usually think of the placebo effect as the change agent…but we’ve tried the supplement four more times, and felt similarly buzzed. Apparently it’s packed with 90 different natural herbs, vitamins (B2, C, A, K and E), minerals, and SOD…plus atypical goodies like persimmon, yuzu, mushroom, wakame seaweed, black sesame, chrysanthemum, wheat germ, komatsuna and blackberries…

…all fermented to allow for higher absorption.

According to the press release, boatloads of celebs are believers. Kawasaki himself has been summoned to the Vatican to administer to the ailments of high-ranking officials there (we saw the pictures, actually).

BOTTOM LINE: There are several high priced skin treatments on the market. Shinso® of Japan is priced right there…as a one month essence supply costs $350.

Natural holistic therapies that ‘cure’ --- are preferred by many. And Shinso®’s three products ---will probably garner cult status…as the word gets out.

We would love to see more studies (the double blind kind) done ...though we realize FDA seal of approval isn't necessary. Our western MO.



Words, Judith Ecochard
Images from Shinso®