Friday, November 13, 2009


In doing our prep work to GET OUT of the dark, cold northeast and jet off sunny warm locales for the holidays, we scrambled through our closet for appropriate products left over from the summer.

But the half used tubes of whatever- received the toss in the bin treatment. Instead, new beauty staples we wanted to try out would hopefully us the we live on a lush tropical beach in real life. As if.

Since defuzzing what we usually bury under the layers of clothing is primo, we turned to Hollywood cult/celeb favorite OLE HENRIKSEN for an easy solution.

The CLEAN SHAVE, a fairly new to the market lightweight gel formula, is good for all skin types. It targets guys who desire a cleaner, closer, razor bump free shave, courtesy of soothing and rejuvenating aloe, cucumber and eucalyptus.

We weren’t that familiar with the brand, though the buzz on anything Ole Henriksen, is very positive…BECAUSE…we noticed right away, the goodies are made with natural ingredients and without harsh stuff like parabens, sulfates, petro chemicals, artificial dyes or fragrances, phthlates, GMO or triclosan.

We tried the CLEAN SHAVE on our legs…that had turned a tad nasty after a three days’ outdoor camping jaunt.

Results? Our return to civilization was now complete…with revived silky kickers, with not a speck of irritating itching anywhere.

HINT: For a baby face smooth skin, guys might want to apply a warm face cloth (dipped in heated water/wrung out)--- for a few seconds…to open up the pores before applying a shaving gel.

-J. Ecochard-

INFO & E Commerce: Ole Henriksen

We found Clean Shave online too…at Sephora and SKINSTORE®.com for $28.00