Friday, October 21, 2011


words/holiday fair images Judith Ecochard
---and courtesy of Hublot Watches

HUBLOT WATCHES---both the Big Bang and Classic collections for men and women--- are technical marvels.

Hublot is  also one of those savvy brands that manage to create the most exclusive, limited edition timepieces in homage of the rockstars of the sporting world... like the red gold  Maradona Big Bang ---on the wrist of football legend Diego Maradona, ( "Hand of G-d"), the Red Devil Bang 11-the official timepiece of Man U (we wrote about last Spring), the FIFA World Cup™ Winner's Big Bang watch in the world champs -Spain's national colors, assorted King Power Big Bang watches -the official timepiece for the Formula 1™ series....etc.

On this side of the Pond, Yankee legendary reliever Marino Rivera- received a one of a kind Aero Big Bang in honor of his record breaking 602 career saves...(and counting).

Robert Chiappelloni-Manfredi Jewelers, Mariano Rivera, Beatrice de Quervain-Hublot, Joel Kopel

Featuring a steel case and bezel with black skeleton dial and black rubber strap (pictured below)...this one of a kind timepiece is even more special ---as Hublot figured out how to insert a drawing representing the all star pitcher on the back of the case---that's is etched with the lines "602 Career Saves" and "All-time Saves Leader."


At a recent holiday fair-we got to eyeball even more magnificent Hublot creations (with an average price range of $20,000-$25,000).

The standout has got to be this limited edition (100-@$11,900 apiece) Liberty Big Bang-etched with the Declaration of Independence on the dial (yes--tiny, tiny letters)---and sold with magnifying glass to read those famous words.

Other handsome watches...that all boast Hublot's bold identity fused with subtle and refined artistry (and inventive use of materials-like Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Rubber and Ceramic Gold)-as well as precious metals and stones. No readers giveaways here.

 These timepieces are exceptional!

the mechanics as seen through the back case

Desert and Artic 


Dive watches

need a physics Phd to figure the intricacies out

right Big Bang Cappuccino Gold Pavé, left-Classic Fusion Black Magic