Friday, October 14, 2011


 Townhouse Spa, NYC

A spacious, restored building that hosts the The Daily Beauty Bar lavish spa days is a packed from the get-go-but still manages to be a relaxed setting to check out some of the beauty companies that get us all glammed up.

We had an appointment with FakeBake® Professional Airbrush session...that's a fine spray mist of serious bronze .

Quickly- we look like we lived in some exotic tropical clime---realistic looking too--- after standing inside this cocoon looking thing---while a staff gal expertly wielded an airbrush spray-taking care to emphasize the parts that would hit the sun---like the top of our arms. Without blotchiness anywhere.

Then she went over every inch with a blow dryer---though one should take another 20 minutes to let the bronze settle in---and DON'T wear white apparel. FakeBake also sells a host of products -including Lipo Bronze-a smart combo of cellulite reducing patent pending formula combined with a self-tanner, and a Tinted Body Glow-for that dewy glowy look...and 12 lip glosses -non-gooey, light-reflectors in fun colors like a sheer pink Prissy Lips.

Next, we stopped into A DDF treatment room for a glimpse at some of their botanically based products. The skincare company, founded by Dr. Howard Sobel in 1991-was treating media types to four step mini-facials using the DDF Amplifying Elixir that hydrates "to strengthen skin's moisture barrier and provide a radiance boost."   

What makes the proprietary formulation special -is the uniquely purified naturals- botanicals Red Clover, Banyan Leaf and Lotus---"botanical cosmetic compositions derived from fractions of plant cells..." that provides anti-oxidant protection, and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SUE DEVITT BEAUTY hails from Australia and is acclaimed for its soothing marine based skin products and sunblock laden, high performance foundations.

We had a face (newly bronzed) expertly accessorized by Sue Devitt Beauty Director Tiffaniey Stewart---who demoed how easy it is to angle a small powder brush to apply shadow. 

What we really though fab---the thick EYE INTENSIFYER pencils ---versatile---for the lips, eyes...and cheeks. The popular coral/pink tones "pop on lids too," Stewart noted-as well as lips...making any make-up bag a lighter load. We got a total look including Beausoleil on our tan cheeks, and for eyes-Pointe Noir and Epernay.
The Eye Intensifying pencils have a spongey tip for blending on one end...
Oil free, water based foundations, three tinted moisturizers, and four fresh (pressed) mineral powders have all skin tones covered---and the concealer that's paraben free- with SPF 15 is a best seller. 

 Microaquatic™ Bioluminenscence Illuminating Serum


No time for us----but the very wear resistant "chip-free" CND shellac manicures and pedicures were very popular! 

words/images Judith Ecochard