Saturday, October 29, 2011


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words/images Judith Ecochard

Socks seem like the Rodney Dangerfield of an outfit-but for performance wearers-who have a reason to really need performance wear to perform-they are life critical to any outdoor getting blisters, or having cold/hot digits... or clammy.sweaty toes are enough to ruin a day.

Pretty new packaging 

New hiking socks too

DARN TOUGH VERMONT-socks for all weather performance and lifestyle needs-are all made in Vermont and durable---AND guaranteed for life (wow!).

Tulip Shorty in vibrant color waves

A women's collection designed by womenswear Isis founder Poppy Gall- has really done so well that imho-Darn Tough is really shaping up to be more of a lifestyle brand for us---but with the legendary functionality of their sporty offerings.

Color block prints in bold tones
---that is how amazing we thought the Spring 2012 choices were.

The socks we saw in this collab---are some of the brightest colors and creative graphics we have ever seen-yet again- with the same high caliber of comfort and fit all know is the DARN TOUGH VERMONT brand.

Good timing-socks are back in the fashion limelight---we see creative pairings with stacked heel, lace-up booties---all the time-a popular look now in the Big Apple.

fun stripes

Hikers-in colors

As always---the construction is fab-with True-Seamless™technology toe closures in over half the socks made, high density knitting, and fine gauge merino wool yarns.
Kids too

artful abstract designs -rainbow's worth of color

INJINJI has added plenty of new socks ---it's still a moisture wicking, great fitting (no bunching or sagging) brand for athletes/runners-with individual toe sleeves (patented design, fyi)---left/right designed, blister busting/seamless too---toesock----AND---

Now-Injinji toesocks available in many different weights-including versatile light and mid weights, lengths (no-show and mini-crew), and materials like CoolMax® freshFX, CoolMax® Eco Made™(made from recycled plastic bottles)---for every day use, yoga , hiking, etc.

We immediately noticed the bright new colors (Green Tea, Poppy Pink, Gulf Blue, Aqua Cool and Tidal Teal)...of the Performance Toesock™ Line

Injinji-fyi-easy to get on and off

We wore our rainbow stripped Injinji paired with our Korkese sandals during the most recent New York Fashion Week...after the first few days of high heels made our feet ache.

Other Injinji pairings-----
VIBRAM-Five-Fingered Spring 2012 offerings---Injinji is right across the aisle @OR

Flojos-split toe-Injinji socks work perfectly

MSRP for $12-$16 Injinji Toesocks

DAHLGREN™-is a functional and design savvy sock company--- with a special  patented Dri-Stride Technology- that uses zone construction to wick moisture up the leg and away. Specific styles for hikers, skiing, multi-sports dressy and casual occasions- are all available now.

New for the company--- is our go to, wear as much as possible- Compression Thin socks---that are made fancy enough to wear as a dress or casual sock ---in solid tones of charcoal and brown-men and women---but also offer support-that's ideal for long days on our feet, on a plane -or at a desk.

Plus the signature Dahlgren comfort is there too...made with super soft Alpaca/Merino that's moisture absorbing, and naturally breathable...with eco-friendly ECO-DRI made from 100% post-consumer plastic too.

PLUS: Made in the USA $25.95

FITS SOCKS hails from Niota, TN and has been making socks since 1902...

We loved the line ...and shipping now---these great fitting, ultra-fine Merino wool in new knee high and crew styles for ladies---in pretty stripes and accent colors...with looped toe seam, cushioning in heel and toe, and a double-welted top so the sock always stays up, doesn't bind or slip. ($19.99-$20.99 MSRP).
Fab lamps-wearing over the knee style with FITS F3 technology™with a deep heel pocket, specialized toe seam and contoured leg.


Lorpen socks showed new color waves and styles (M/W) made out of a comfortable and quality light weight merino wool, CoolMax®, Italian wool, and Modal just in time for the holiday gift giving...

Now that we know a lot more about sock construction---we appreciate how Lorpen has so many task specific models---including light, medium, and heavy weight hikers, trekking, dress and ski socks- in solids, patterns and stripes... and a whole line of pro socks too.