Wednesday, October 19, 2011



words/images Judith Ecochard

WENGER had a bunch of new 'things' going on for Spring 2012...including new technology centered around comfort---for urban/eclectic/outdoor footwear---

And in the spirit of the original 1901 multi-functional Wenger  Genuine Swiss Army Knife---a new category of multi-functional HypeX™jewelry---that's handsome, designed with a modern clean aesthetic---no girly frills here---and what we loved---each of the pieces has Swiss Army like tools that are strong, durable and made from hypo-allergenic 316L stainless steel ebony wood, silicone and stone. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate- as will the committed to the indoors' only types-it's that cool. ($44.99-$99)

Ridge-Wrench-functional hex wrench, bottle opener, pry and wire stripper-21 inch silicone necklace w/stainless steel clasp.

Wyss-Can Opener-pendant that's a can opener, wrench, pry, wire stripper and bottle opener-up to 4mm in diameter. On 21" silicone necklace w/stainless steel clasp

Pietra-Knife Sharpener-one side sharpening stone..e side w/ flint stone to ignite a fire anywhere, 21" silicone necklace w/stainless steel clasp

Whug-Emergency Whistle-decorative wooden pendant-comes with precision stainless steel tweezers that fit around. 21" silicone necklace with stainless steel clasp

packaging-smart-a reusable TPU waterproof pouch

eusable packaging-neoprene zippered shell

Adrian Ryan-creative light behind HypeX™ Jewelry


Made for function but loaded with style-Wenger's Spring 2012 serves up amphibious, lifestyle and orienteering selections.

Lucky us...we had a chat with the brains of footwear design-Read Worth, Chief Creative Officer---and got scooped on the thinking of the physiology of feet.

For example how one's foot swells during the day so Wenger's kickers have "suspension mesh" that expands and contracts "...the whole footbed area opens up" for stability...

Vortac mid

cement construction with an upper and  heel stability platform, reverse-podded lug sole grips on terrain

PLUS: A new polymer EVA midsole that's "very elastic/rubber mix that can be squished flat but the compression never sets..." so the footbed actually provides the support when wearer needs it, fresh, each wear.

For the Amphibious collection-handsome enough to wear on the river OR in the city...the shoes are engineered to exhaust the water away from the footbed (safer)----and not through the outsole (wrong).

YA-YA $55-cement board lasted -back "scoured out" to control heel but not restrict it." Protective toe cap

Dual density outsole absorbs vibration----

Outsole is a different grade if EVA-cemented so it never delaminates (peels off). Light-weight too!

The solution based collections took a page from the NIKE Free we were told---streetwear worthy, precision built, multipurpose shoes.

This LOBBY LOW slip-on loafer-$60- with a collapsible heel is an example ---made for "comfort, support and longevity."

combo 3 dimential molded foam with compression molded lugs

soft finish 

The NoLow -pictured below- has a thong that stretches and customizes to a wearers' foot over time.
articulated arch= all day comfort

rubber outsole patent pending

NOLOW-$40 (l) and  VEGAN (r) three point construction -with an upper of organic cotton, rubber faced footbed, compression molded rubber outsole/midsole-biomechanical arch articulation for all day comfort ($35)

E-Lug soles