Monday, October 10, 2011



words/some images Judith Ecochard
Runway images courtesy of Custo Barcelona

At the end of this festive fashion show-we thought-some designers are just made for showing summery wear---no matter what the season.

And we think Custo Dalmau-the creative vision of this lifestyle brand- founded with his brother David-back in the 80s---embodies the it's always 5 o'clock (really 17:00) somewhere in the world- cocktail hour ethos.

And as always-the prints are standouts - as Custo Barcelona continues to be passionate and inventive when it comes to bold fabric designs and materials---even when the rest of the fashion world goes solid tones---or like this 2012 season...hops aboard to the beauty of graphics. There are few who can match the inventive vibe of this label.

This outing -there were three groups of clothing:

Men's and women's DUAL-androgynous casual looks-knitwear, shorts, blazers, trousers in neutral tones with contemporary prints ---in fabrics ranging from raw materials like silk and linen-to shiny metallics, Lurex and holographic prints....

KALEIDOSCOPIO-patchwork fabrics and "a geometric universe" in a range of colors like Acid green and coral---made from raw materials (raffia, cotton, silk) and synthetics---in close fitting dresses, swimwear and blazers.

And the third, MÍRAME---ready for the party shiny textured evening wear---with graphic pieces created with 3-D technology---on short and long dresses, shorts, tops and a magical swirl of grey, purple, turquoise, pink, orange. FUN luxury.

 Naturally-as befits a Spanish designer...the it's a celebration atmosphere was edged on by the perfect runway song-"DANCE THE WAY I FEEL" by the Brit electro-synth pop band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool.

Spanish supermodel Almudena Fernandez sat right in front 

Hair was shiny too-slicked back, pony tails for the gals (by Dennis Lanni for Arrojo Studio). These were party clothes but the models came out looking pre-party-not a hair outta place.

30's style round sunglasses