Thursday, May 19, 2011


PLUS: Partnership with Manchester United/KING POWER RED DEVIL WATCH

Editor’s Review, May 11th, 2011

Words/Boutique Images Judith Ecochard
Other images courtesy of Hublot

Maybe we should be wearing a watch with a calendar…

…As when we dropped by to see the handsomely plush, technologically tricked out Madison Avenue boutique housing the luxury watch brand, HUBLOT.

We were a week early for a press event.

No worries though…we had a lovely visit ---and no surprise...ended up completely wowed by the sophisticated details of the space, designed by the critically acclaimed architect Peter Marino ---

The space wonderfully captures the “vision of fusion” of this LMVH owned brand---meaning the clever use of top grade mixed materials and textures---
Back Mural-interesting textures

All subtly come to life via design materials/elements--- to showcase the collection of timepieces (and a few accessories like cufflinks)…

Highlights of the boutique, aside from the watches, include many interactive features of the showcases that align one wall--- with lightly smoked panels charged with an embedded chip--- that morph into an adult’s 21st century Etch-A-Sketch--- with illustrations magically unfurling.

Front and center of the store, is a massive display cube-

...with small panels timed to emerge from within. It reinforces the advanced mechanisms that are characteristic of the movements of each timepiece. Modern ---yet with solid Old World substance.

PLUS: ---we were mesmerized by the projected video ---a well shot and edited montage of Hublot sponsored events, charities (AMFAR) partnerships, and personalities…including many sporting teams---like our fav---football (soccer) team--- the powerhouse Manchester United team.

Which brings us to the watches…that we saw a week later.

The fusion theme comes ticking with the “fusion” of the materials like carbon and ceramic…and watchbands made of salt-water proof rubber, as well as leather, metal, etc.

The collections we saw are wonderfully intricate, complicated--- yet the kind of timepieces we think would appeal to confidant individuals who do not need the obvious Bling showiness of other watches (ironic, given its relationship with splashy Louis Vuitton--- that sells it haulers based just on that). A credit to management to leave well enough alone, IMHO.

Interesting----“…limited editions are not driven by price, but function does,”

Case in point, the swoon inducing, limited edition Manchester United partnered KING POWER RED DEVIL watch---that all have “a piece of the organic grass from Old Trafford in it,” according to Hublot Managing Director Ricardo Guadalupe....who we were lucky enough to have a chat with.

FYI: we're talking real grass, specially plucked by the club groundsmen from the 100 years old + hallowed stadium’s turf---specifically for this edition---AND specially stabilized/freeze dried-an exacting process that took 6 months to get just right---AND then carefully inserted into the indexes via a unique process---with the blades coated with a special transparent lacquer for preservation. Hence the green color.

“All spoken for,” --- the third limited edition 500 only made, sapphire dial watch, also boasts a chronograph movement with two chrono hands for easy reading of seconds and OF COURSE one hand specially crafted to indicate the time elapsed out of the 45 minutes of each half. Stoppage time not included…and for those not in the know, football (soccer) official clocks count up unlike basketball/hockey where the time keeping clocks count down.

Wayne Rooney

ADDED PLUS: the black rubber watchband has a red line down the middle…a reference to Man U’s graphic charter.

Introduced to the public prior to the match vs. rival Chelsea. So appropriate... we are supremely jealous we were not there.

 As for the other timepieces we saw…all are descendants--- of the original Hublot Big Bang timepiece…

Connoisseurs of timepieces will be impressed with the exacting movements of Hublot’s offerings, proprietary to the brand and made exclusively in Geneva, in their own facility.

And the range of styles includes several sporty as well as dressier ( and feminine) options, embedded with precious stones like diamonds or sapphires.

Tasteful, hardly flashy---timepieces with a story. From about $15,000-$250,000.

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