Tuesday, August 23, 2011



words/images Judith Ecochard


The Elements Showcase commanded two floor at the Skylights Studio..

Upstairs we marveled at the sculptural, solid/polished wood oil lit Luminesse centerpiece---with a replaceable wooden wick--- made by the eponymous company owned by the glam former Ford model, DAYNA DECKER.

Fragrances are lushly scented-whether for the home (diffusers), in the natural (no parabens, petro fillers, DEA etc) bath/body collection, or in the paraffin-free candle selections.

All beautifully made and packaged-and on the website---e-commerce offerings include thoughtful gift sets.

The booth for Abdel LLC/Fashionable Fragrances---is like seeing a welcome friend. We first met them at the launch of Mandarina Duck Pure Black Eau de Toilette---about two years ago...and learned that this fashion label, with the acclaimed perfumers Sophie Labbe and Jean Charles Niel--- are soon to launch two new scents over here, Mandarina Duck Blue and Mandarina Duck Cute Blue-a name which we know matches up with the female Mandarina Duck Cute Pink- but we assume-lost something in translation.

In the meantime, Aussie's chemically free natural line of men's grooming products, VitaMan for Men ---continues to sell very well...

As the cult Italian line BOIS 1920.

New for us was the Odori collection of six distinct fragrances by Profumo di Firenze (Enzo Galardi) ---it's a delicious and intoxicative olfactory version of Marcel Proust- as it were---a personal voyage of fragrance.

The Leather Cases...and Glass bottles-collectibles-with paper perfume testers and guidelines for the Art of Blending.

TOUS-a multi-layer family run business-most known for its jewelry collection (in 42 countries!!!) also has a line of affordable fragrances for men and women---and now-is introducing a Baby Tous eau de cologne scent (fresh-powdery)--- in a cute bottle.

We thought this name very Annie Oakley---and we assume Juliette knows how to use it.

RODIAL is a UK based company with it's target market lucky for us-the former Colonies. We were very impressed with their line of spray self-tanners which went on light, did not streak---and smelled decent. As a matter of fact-this was one of the top self-tanners we have ever tried and there are specific shades of light and dark--for a have it your way, fake tan.

The skincare and bodycare product lines are aimed at women---the cheeky named Boob Job™ that claims to increase bust size- via Myrrh resin that increases the number of fat cells (hhmmm be careful where you use it)...with wheat proteins for firming...

AND-the best selling Arm Sculpt™-an anti-cellulite gel...among other targeted products for the tummy.

ALSO...glamoxy™ Snake Serum- that temporarily "mildly" freezes the line producing facial muscles with the ingredient neuropeptide Dipeptide- that 'mimics' the Temple Viper's venom that inhibits facial contracts. This we'd love to demo...and cannot vouch for its effectiveness.

WOODLEY & BUNNY from super cool Williamsburg-a place we've never been for some reason---carries niche brands...and one stood out...

BRAD (Biophotonic Skin Care) ---that is not the name of a prime time TV comedy----but a LA guy, Brad Hunter ---a frequent traveller/beauty biz sort-who saw the need for an item that counteracted the damaging effects of air travel---and so, developed a full line of smartly packaged---in light spectrum blocking glass bottles-skin care goodies (unisex imho)---containing potent regenerative, collagen stimulating ingredients based on bio-fermentation.

We've written about the scientifically proven effectiveness of the powerful anti-aging fermentation process when we wrote up IMMUNCOLOGIE™one of our staples...so we are curious about this line.

One of the many reasons we loved the ELEMENTS SHOWCASE was that it introduced us to fragrances made by those who love fragrance---who have a passion for scents---that are not name brands per se, selling handbags, scarves or resort wear too---like fashion houses---for the most part. A lot less ego...

We found this set-up of concept fragrances with an eco theme---conjured up with creative packaging, themes and mission statements by the clearly talented students from FIT ----fascinating. We hope it gets some room in an exhibit space after this showcase.

CODA: TRAVALO makes a TSA friendly, easy to use Genie S-Refill snap close container---that is a spot-on way to carry your favorite scent. It's a breeze to fill----just remove the spray nozzle top-fill the interior shatterproof interior vial-put all back in/on-and pump away. Very convenient----and in 3 sizes...from $9.99-$19.99> Be sure to give one as an appreciated add-on---- when gifting a perfume.