Thursday, August 25, 2011


MADE WITH COMMUNITY FAIR TRADE SOURCED Cold-Pressed Virgin Olive Oil & Marula Oil

The Body Shop is not exactly a mass market brand-though gently priced for the most part and widely available...

We always support this company's  socially supported causes and meaningful efforts to use sustainable/organic/ Fair Trade ingredients---as given the Body Shop's reach---the gestures translate into real action, not lip service and just fancy labels.

New for September is the EXTRA VIRGIN MINERALS™collection of ultra fine mineral pigments that when applied-elude the mask - like eventualities of some mineral makeups with the use of blendable and moisturising   COMMUNITY FAIR TRADE SOURCED Cold-Pressed Virgin Olive Oil & Marula Oil.

Available in 12 matchy match worthy shades-amazing in and of itself...the three products---the Cream Compact Foundation ($25- nicely packaged with a built in applicator brush and mirror), Liquid Foundation ($25-in a pump bottle for easy access), and Loose Powder Foundation ($25)...are all non-irritating, fragrance and paraben free.

One of the benefits of pure mineral make-up is that gals with sensitive skin can usually use it...and we think those dry-to-normal skin types will love the texture of EXTRA VIRGIN MINERALS™...

We actually tried all three products...

True to it's word, the easily portable Cream Compact had a matte finish---a good thing for us...and went on smoothly with the enclosed brush--for medium coverage--- we used an extra dab for full coverage on  a spot that we wanted to cover up. Like the other products, the moisturizing power is given a 14 hour life---though we had it on for a few hours...

The Cream Compact color we tried, 205-Rose Vanilla (.3oz)...matched up really well-we used it on a hike out in the Rockies (dry heat)...and felt the color stayed true and looked realistic on our skin-in natural blazing sunlight!
J. Ecochard/LYRA MAG

The Liquid foundation (.95 fl oz) goes on lightly and smoothed on sheer-with one pump full face coverage---and a half pump for medium. It has more of a silky texture though it is non-comedogenic...and we think mature skin would def look better wearing this mineral foundation vs other it doesn't sink into creases and has a dewy/glowing finish, vs clay-like/ oil absorbing properties of other lines-that's good for oily skins. We used it as under-eye and eye lid-coverage---the texture was perfect.

The Loose Powder Foundation-that we applied with our own brush-but the Body Shop sells one for this -separately ($26)...comes with instructions.
J. Ecochard/LYRA MAG

Swirling it on our bare skin, we got enough coverage after a few passes-for an even application. A good option to use alone or as a setting powder for the foundation too.

Though the $25 prices/per is a tad more than mass market drugstore brands---the products are generously sized and will last for many months...and on The Body Shop's site-there seems to always be a special on.

Very impressive-ship dates are soon---