Thursday, August 11, 2011 Launch of New E-Commerce Site: Skin/Hair/Make-up'Nails

The Library Hotel, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

There must be something in the water supply in Omaha, Nebraska...this locale- smack in the middle of the USA serves up plenty of successful entrepreneurs ---and steak, we assume.

Case in point was our meeting with two of them- the American Julie Mahlock, CEO  and Nick Hudson, CMO-with experiences creating e-commerce sites and bringing the very popular Brit brand Boots to the USA,, in the Big Apple to launch to the press.

Both individuals emphasized the social aspect of the site---which is different than other beauty outlets that sell brands (and there are plenty of those) that Bloom's consumer's data and choices/preferences gets aggravated by age, skin type, product type etc...and reviews are included---to offer users a BEST4YOU list of product suggestions...including budget options, best-sellers etc...a feature we consider helpful.

This reminded us of the internet e-commerce feature that offers up what other customers bought--- that bought this product-suggestions---like on for a specific type product one is looking for, given one's needs.

Bloom even goes a step further, allowing its customers to build on-line profiles- (or not, by the way).

Currently, about 130 brands are available for skin, hair, make-up etc for women...ranging in price from mass market-to luxury---and including some cult favs like natural skincare/Ole Henriksen,

PLUS; Every order gets free samples AND a 365 day "love-it" guarantee---meaning it has to make ya happy for a year-or ship it back ---interesting and terrific- as some of these so-called anti-aging serums and creams require months of use for visible proof---

WE THINK: A great way to end the beauty graveyard.

According to Hudson, "Bloom" was selected as the name of the site---meaning---"becoming your most beautiful self."

FYI: Very easy user-interface... even for luddites.