Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DEMO DAY: Outdoor Retailer Summer

"Sinfully healthy Snacl" HALO are a "candy substitute" -certified organic, 150 calories (yippy, that's all), vegan and dairy free $1.59

Jordanelle State park, UTAH

(Some) Exhibitors ----Acli-Mate Natural Sports Drink, Birkenstock, Birki's, Body Glove, Int'l, Beyond Coastal, EES Bug Band, Fikkes LLC, Helly Hansen, Magellan, Saucony, Skechers, Skullcandy, SeasonFive, Sperry Top-Sider, Surftech, Victory Koredry, Xcel Wetsuits, Yurbuds, ZEMgear LLC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

What a great way to start a sunny, breezy day-at Jordanelle State Park, close to SLC. We give the Pro Bar®s we sampled a two thumbs up too.
With "15 whole foods in every bar" ---filling, with just the right amount of crunch---we loved the Whole Berry Blast ($3.29)

Helly Hansen kept runners burn free-at least on the torso-with HH DRY-water pills right off this super lightweight top $40  

Earphone's are like functional jewelry in a way. Highly personal...Skullcandy makes some of the most colorful, and sounding headphones out there...and kept the beat for hours.

Paddle on...lotsa humans on this paddle board...

SeasonFive Watersports technical apparel is made from gee whiz, proprietary Atmos 1.0 fabric, engineered to block wind, water and harmful UV rays---while amazingly allowing heat to vapor out---for a no clammy feel. There are Barrier, and Phantom collections---all made with non-chafing flatlock seams and compression like support----

The collection includes long and short sleeve tops, pants, capris, booties, and calf/arm sleeves.

Think: filling the apparel gap between rash guards and wetsuits...for those wanting a looonnnngggg season with comfort. And give the weave of the fabric-the sun protection works wet/dry...

IMHO---we would wear the arm sleeves for bike

SEASONFIVE women's apparel next to skin feel is excellent! 
It was kind of cool but this brave employee didn't get dunked too often.

Water shoes that are lighter, more technical and from river to street ready---we saw a bunch as well as natural/barefoot running kickers...

First---Saucony---who has staked a claim in the barefoot running kickers with its latest versions of Peregrine 2,  Kinerva and here with it's rather fashiony high tops...wears like a sock..."it let's your foot move as naturally as possible," we were told by the über busy booth gal. Good for indoors and out, we thought---with a durable bottom...

High top version---reminded us of classic sneaker style----

Saucony Minimalist shoes

Saucony cool looking---super comfortable in natural motion

"Less shoe, more you" super light---super comfortable with four way stretch uppers made of Lycra and "high frequency tech bands" for lateral support,  outsole with traction lugs for secure footing= minimalist footwear-with ninja split toe for ideal balance---by ZEM GEAR

Yurbuds is offering new personalized series colors (pink!!!blue!!!!) of its stay in the ear via patented Twistlock™technology. Earphones that come in three sizes. In mass market stores the grab and go packages contain the most popular sizes 5 and 7---but mail in for problem.

New-Behind the ear---soft medical grade silicone backing---that cradles the ear

Yes, Yurbuds adjust like no other earpieces...

Grommet connection piece bends....


Skechers Fitness...has a lightweight training shoe--- without a Kardashian in sight of the ads.

Ultra lightweight, we lifted one up---and hope to demo these. We were told they will price at around $100 and are a good training shoe.

Sprays, wristbands, bracelets- that even glow in the dark, towelettes and battery operated diffusers with refillable cartridges---BugBands work-we use them on long distance runs  in buggy areas, when we golf...and we were told soldiers wear them tied up in their boot laces to keep the sand flies out. They smell like citronella kinda.

Founder, Dan Ritter

BEYOND COASTAL® Sun Care collection provides full protection against UVA/UVB harmful sun rays...(the former can cause skin carcinomas and premature aging/the latter the burns). FDA new regs will make labeling easier for USA consumers...but we already know that Beyond Coastal's Active Sunscreen -is water/sweat resistant without the sting in the eyes....and fragrance free, oxybenzone free, paraben free and petroleum free.

The Beyond Coastal Natural Sunscreens are a physical block that's top rated by the Environmental Working Group---that's importantly reef safe-sparing marine life of all the chemicals that wash into their homes from humans.

New for the company-is the handy Face stick, that we plan on using on long bike rides---as we found it's application fast and portability easy.
MSRP $4.99

The food/drink ingredient du jour is def. coconut as many energy bars, natural snacks and amped up drinks are sportin' the fruit---

We prefer Acli-Mate water enhancers---just add a packet to about 8-12's only 35 calories per and we like how it tastes----PLUS---has vitamins, essential minerals, select herbs and power boosting electrolytes...altitude sickness isn't a problem for us so far----but this products is supposed to maybe help those less than fun, symptoms----

Seemingly every teen/tweener we see around certain environs-is wearing Birkenstocks these days----one of the original wellness shoes that's become amazing hip again to wear...with ankle socks, no less---and for girls---of two different colors.

The midsole is so supportive...we wear ours around town too, including fashion-y Manhattan. Sorry Manalo's

Amphibious shoes are a natural extension for claim to fame boat shoe maker Sperry-who demo-ed off- to a very excited bunch of attendees-it's latest patented Son-R™ technology embedded shoe that we tried...and yup, we felt it protected us in and out of the water---yet felt like nothing---a barefoot shoe experience. Comfort, weight and traction being the three mantras---we liked how comfy it all felt on---and easy to get on/off too. The water drained out, our feet didn't feel squishy at all. Good Job!

DETAILS: EVA on the back/heel wrapped so protected for support, "...hose em' out at the end of the day," made of hydrophobic material,  pods on bottom- helps with balance on a SUP-dries fast...price ranges $70-90.
Hydro-Grip rubber outsoles-does what is sounds like. Actually a three part molded together outsole from what we could tell from the website.

Let sleeping dogs lie-guarding his  Sperry Son-R's---?

CHACO's expansion into closed toe shoes---have served up some terrific colors that we are sure will sell.

Lightweight and water ready construction built on a Vibram TC-1 rubber for grip, it still boasts of the famous midsole that works for about 80% of the population-for super comfort.  The high-cut Tedinho are sleek looking, not clunky.

We liked the new ad campaign from Birki's featuring active types wearing a pair----with the tagline "really?" There's one with a gal climbing a boulder wearing a pair for a collection known for its active sports/active recovery natural shoes.
Nautical chic from Birki's-like Birkenstock have supportive footbeds

XCEL's collection of performance gear made from technical fabrics is blessed with protection (UPF+ 30 and UPF+ 50 series), functioning wet or  dry, moisture management properties, 4 way performance stretch ...and really cool next to skin feel---all was new to us. Tops, board shorts, hoodies, capris, outwear and accessories-all part of the line...for men and women.

Waist loop ties to board shorts on the Drylock (water repellent) and 8 Ounce collections

Sponsored a very fun SUP race ---with relay teams handing off a lei instead of a baton...

Some of the tops are made from ECOVENTX---a 4 way stretch performance fabric made from recycled fibers...and the company as a whole makes greener products via mindful manufacturing processes, a solar powered headquarters, and for their famous wetsuits (will write about separately), the neoprene lining is most often a combo of bamboo charcoal-infused fibers combined with recycled fibers=Thermo Carbon lining. Plus, limestone----not an oil-based product-is the base component for all Xcel neoprenes and glues.

Victory Koredry Performance tops---also a new vendor for big in the surf market...and given how supportive the tops are...with built in bras that zip shut for real high impact support...we can see why the help was jumping up and down all afternoon!

Water repellant apparel too....

This was one of those---why didn't this get invented sooner things...a hiking pole/stick that converts into a fly rod-$399.

Having a good day!
Camelbak hydration systems launched a series of hydration packs specifically made for SUP-ers with compartments for personal stuff and side clip for paddles...

We could see how fishing types, kayakers etc----will appreciate the design elements...

Our complete review at a latter date...

GPS systems work off satellites---so anyone who think they can just used their GPS loaded smartphones on a hike, think again---we always lose coverage where we venture.

Magellan eXplorist™ Series was on display and up for use at demo day----

The 'basic' model the eXplorist GC----up to the eXplorist 710 are all rugged and waterproof, with high sensitivity GPS, paperless geocaching, USB port, and are all readable in the glaring sunlight. Other attributes depending on the model--- pre-loaded and uploadable maps, sun, moon information, color touch screens with one touch favorites menu, 3.2 mp auto-focus camera, 3 axis electronic compass/barometric altimeter, pre-loaded summit series maps, city turn buy turn directions, etc.

There's even a Magellan model with Wifi for urban types...

Easy handlebar mounts for bicycles-  Magellan Outdoor Navigation Systems

Battery operated---easy enough to carry a spare battery to be sure it works.

THE LONGEST LINE-for the free beer, of course-from Body Glove.