Saturday, January 1, 2011


Assorted holiday fairs and PR contacts clued us in to a whole slew of Dermatologists’ founded facial treatment products.

Boasting impressive claims and seemingly correct scientific test trials to back up the exclamations (though we noted smallish numbers of participants involved in the percentages)…

…Nevertheless--- the trend towards results oriented products with the mindset of permanent change-not just hope in jar is a given nowasays,

ALSO a new mantra…early intervention in the aging process for those in their 20’s---made of gentle, non-toxic formulations.

NEOSTRATA® aka “The Science of Great Skin”--- is a well received by the medical community--- focused skincare line--- sold in Docs’ offices and online.The company was founded by Drs Van Scott and Yu –“creators and original patent-holders of the first glycolic peel” and “discoverers” of the rejuvenating powers of Alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids.

A wide variety of skin types and problems including photo-aging (sun damage) rosacea (a condition that can look like acne and/or very not good looking blotchy redness), hyper-pigmentation (those brown spots) severe dryness and acne…are treated by NeoStrata cleansers, serums, moisturizers, sunscreen and peels.

What one pays for are unique ingredients in easy to use formulations--- made of one or synergistic combos of glycolic acids (encourages cell turnover), citric acid (with preventative antioxidant to reverse photo damage), Mandelic Acid (found in almonds! Reduce oil and anti-bacterial), Gluconolactone Acid (anti-aging without irritation, Lactobionic Acid (patented, non-irritating, reverses photo-aging including fine lines and wrinkles), and NeoGlucosamine  (patented non-acid amino sugar promotes cellular turnover ---a multi-tasker for aging skin including encouraging plump moist skin that looks younger).

We liked the clean packaging and sane price points of these results oriented/maintenance products.  We have tried the Foaming Glycolic Wash ($26)- part of the RESURFACE skincare sub-group- geared to improve skin texture of aging skin---

IN IT: Containing 18% Glycolic Acid and 2% Lactobionic Acid it is soap and fragrance free. Sensitive skin should handle this thorough cleanser just fine--- we particularly liked how it took all the gunk (makeup, dirt) off easy--- leaving us feeling clean but not creaky dry.

Although we have a hard time visualizing how the potent ingredients in the Foaming Glycolic Wash actually sink in--- to noticeably change our skin (anti-aging desires--- encouraging cell renewal, minimizing pores)---after we rinsed it off…apparently some of the cleanser’s beneficial goodies  do penetrate the surface. 

Since it takes three months for true cell renewal---we await results on that. In the is a good cleanser, absolutely.

We’ve tried the IMMUNCOLOGIE™ Line Smoothing Treatment serum ($175) prior  and liked how glow-y (clearer, brighter) our skin looked after a week of 2x a day use. With the colder, dry air---we switched to the Line Smoothing Treatment cream version. At first we were nervous that the somewhat thick texture would be a bit oily for our normal skin---but with a just a dab needed, the product easily was spread around our face, including under eyes…and was readily absorbed.
Plus it is completely scentless---unlike the serum.

NeoStrata and Immuncologie both have serious buzz as wellness and beauty treatments that are based on scientific formulations with effective levels of licensed/patented ingredients. Given all the slickly packaged skincare products on the market costing 3x more---it would not surprise us if these two lines start selling in major outlets soon as value alternatives.

FEMMESCIENCE is a best seller at non-traditional skincare outlets --=much like it's brother line, Menscience- that is sold at Barneys where precious retail space is only devoted to the truly fabulous.

A bunch of their products --- targeting those just showing the first signs of aging (irrespective of age, we feel)…are staples in our gym bag.

What we are almost out of is the Night Cream ($44)---that we re-purposed for use after pool sessions when we know our chlorine saturated skin needs major help---but we don’t want any greasy stuff just waiting to swim off.

Formulated to stimulate cell renewal and rejuvenate skin with meaningful amounts of Acai (a berry with anti-oxidant properties), soothing Avocado and Shea Butter, moisturizing Glycerin, free radical slayer Green Tea…and penetrating forms of free radical fighters Vitamins A, C, and E…we like how light it feels (surprisingly so)…and it serves as a great base under our foundation base.

Hey, whatever works.


At the Fifth Avenue, NYC office of Dr. Andrew Jacono, we experienced the VECTRA M3 Imaging System  Considered a “game changer” ---for those considering cosmetic surgery or non-invasive injectable fillers that are often billed as “liquid facelifts” these days…it took super serious high-resolution (36 megapixel color capture) 3D photos of our face and neck--- that reminded us of the scary realistic portraits by artist Chuck Close.

What Dr. Jacono was able to do was show us realistically what our face would look like after a Fraxel laser treatment (wave bye-bye to pores)….

…While others who need it can get a before image---i.e. a stimulated outcome--- of what more cosmetic/invasive surgical procedures like a lift or augmentation--- would do for them.

Very cool.

 TEXT: Judith Ecochard