Saturday, June 5, 2010



Words: Judith Ecochard
Product Images courtesy of MANDARINA DUCK

Back in the day when NYC’s Save The Robots after hours club opened on funky Avenue B (and yes, we are totally dating ourselves here)…

...every hip gal we knew was carrying her stuff around in a Mandarina Duck Tank hauler…one of the first carry all lines of fashionable, function-able haulers made from durable high tech/high performing Cordura®.

And the guys packed their accoutrements into one of the Mandarina Duck Utility bags…a stylish forerunner of the messenger bags that have become ubiquitous accessories.

We had this flashback--- of times when David Dinkins was the Mayor--- as we previewed the aromatic, divinely masculine (and intoxicating)--- newish scent from this luxury Italian brand- MANDARINA DUCK, PURE BLACK.

Created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson (Firmenich), the Mandarina Duck PURE BLACK will probably become the top selling eau de for men and women--- for this label--- from the storied Spanish fragrance house Idesa Parfums (the scent geniuses behind Armani’s offerings, etc)…

...including the lovely female/feminine MANDARINA DUCK ROUGE…(IMHO)
 (Image, J. Ecochard)

Because the complex, seductive fragrance, that wonderfully reveals in three stages (top, heart, bottom notes)--- like the finest red Burgundy wines---will also appeal to sophisticated women, 'in-the-know'---who only wear men’s watches and colognes. And naturally, they'll buy it for their guy, too.

Don’t think for a nano-second that MANDARINA DUCK PURE BLACK is not thoroughly masculine, crafted for the self-confident, powerful homme (hombre) with “natural charm.”

We were hooked from the first whiff---inhaling exotic Bergamot, Mediterranean Tangerine and Indian Pepper top notes, elegant Tonka beans, Tahitian Tiare Flower and Orange Blossom middle notes…. and finished off with a sensual Mysore Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar and enticing Madagascar Vanilla…

Adding up to a deeply enveloping, aromatic eau de toilette---that’s suitable for wear in all four seasons…including the hot humid ones.

Ancillary products include a non-greasy, moisturizing/toning after-shave balm, a re-invigorating fragrant shower gel, and a lasting, subtly scented deodorant.

ADDED PLUS: The solid, square packaging…. a well thought out design of shiny black letters embedded on a matte box of dark charcoal grey. 

And yes for those who care---the bottle with its shiny black caps looks great on shelves.


Available NOW on a limited basis at Barney’s, select Dillard’s, and online.

FYI: We got schooled on the MANDARINA DUCK---a specific breed of bird with feathers that change with the seasons, migrates great distances, and has waterproof feathers.

Hence the luggage.