Sunday, May 22, 2011


Metropolitan Pavilion

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

WOW---this looks amazing

comes off sticky pieces


Mehron-a pro's go to body makeup line

The Makeup Show NYC---took place over two days, mid May--- in the spacious Metropolitan Pavilion.

Commanding four floors, we spent most of our time on the main floor where over 70 exhibitors launched, sold and educated attendees, mostly professional makeup artists...

---on their latest makeup, tools, beauty treatments---and overall creativity that goes into the collections.

We started our multi-hour visit with SMASHBOX COSMETICS, a brand founded  by the LA based Davis twins---who really had the stylists in fashion/print/movies in mind when they initially started things up. (BTW---they are descendants of Max Factor's founders.

Introduced at the show..."Just Cheeky" blush.

Now owned by Estee Lauder, the line is very consumer friendly too...makes sense with this owner...

At the show, kits, specially put together--- were selling...and selling out in a big way...

We thought the Halo pressed powder a staple---a treatment product with a neat metal top that shaves off a portion ---rendering it into loose powder for easy application with a brush.

Over at STILA, a "Sparkly Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner---for a highly pigmented rich sparkle in a pen perfect application, idiot proof---was selling big time. Available now in eight colors...including a very neat Electric---a bright green/sparkle and Starry=a slate with silver sparkle. $22
lots to love at STILA----

Also---building on the cool primer that's packaged in a pump-with multi-color the new bronzer and new foundation-that's a primer and foundation together ($44) embedded with healing/hydrating ingredients like ginseng and gingko biloba leaf extracts--- and the exclusive Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex™---all packaged similarly.

We liked the bronzer A LOT. With a silicone emulsion it glides on easy, can be worn under foundation for a glow, and with its  matt brown and rose gold---"a kitten shimmer," according to Dominick Briguglio---a Director of the brand.

"Everyone looks good with all three." YUP.

At THE makeup store from heaven---with a brick and mortars version in Manhattan, Alcone stocks all the hard to find cult favs like Embryolisse skincare line and Ben Nye.

We simply asked "what's selling/"

AND got a quick response "The Actor Bag"---a souped up toiletry kit is our definition...with a detachabe shoulder strap, waist belt, main compartment and a foundation bottle holder...often with clear zippered pouches, mirror, extra product pockets etc...

and a clear front window for someone's name or biz card.

NARS was new to the show--and not in selling mode (the horrors!!!). delivers the goods via e-commerce, fyi.

We talked with the gals at the booth who remarked that the "Orgasm Blush" is still the perennial best is the Dolce Vita lipstick. The texture of these cover-up sticks was fabulous---glides on easy, blend-able with staying power. Creamy to the touch.

TEMPTU---is super famous now with its consumer friendly airbrush system selling in Sephora's.

At the show, the new S/B Multicolor Shade Collection for eyes...full of sheer pastels that are applied via the genius airbrush, "with the pressure turned down," according to who did our eyelids a pretty bright sea green that really brought out our green eyes.

"It's easy" when asked why airbrush vs traditional foundation makeup---etc. less to haul around---a kit with a bunch of blend-able liquids vs tons of stuff--- plus mascara. (no one does not airbrush on lashes-DUH).

"It feels like nothing...a cool breeze, when applied," we noted...and like a master artist---one can add drops thereby customizing colors for skin tones---and special effects galore.

In addition to the incredible makeup we saw the Saturday night prior---by the team at Make Up Forever Professionals, we chatted with Michael De Vellis---who heads up the pro outreach of this booming brand.

Selling big at the show---the new Aqua Liner ---a hot off the press highly pigmented 100% waterproof formula and every color one would ever need-15 in all including matt black and mat mocha---we hear Angelina Jolie catseyes beckoning. ($23).

PLUS it has essential amino acids derived from apple juice in it-so it treats the fragile eyelid too.

What Michael literally gushed about from his perspective was that the brand is one with a "truly pro heritage"...and that for a 25 years old brand..."it's still evolving but stays true to its DNA." (FYI started by the magnificent French lady Dany Sanz--inspired to create body make-up for her water ballet pals).

And we like how MUFP maintains its integrity as a cosmetics brand-a high performance, wearble make-up brand.

AND---not always the case, we note, when a niche favorite gets bought.