Sunday, May 22, 2011

THE MAKEUP SHOW: Professional Tradeshow @ Metropolitan Pavilion

West 18th Street, NYC

2011-Sixth Edition- Opening Night
NEW YORK GROOVE---Celebrates Gotham's Influence on World Wide Beauty 

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Opening Night 

What a fun get together!

The night prior to the two day professional tradeshow: The Makeup Show NYC (the 6th, FYI)---always one of our favs to go to...

A lot of the brands' employees, makeup artists and press---attended an opening night party.
MakeUp For Ever  Professional/Paris

A few lines took to the brushes and greasepaints, metaphorically speaking --- 

---to magically transform models.


Artistry here---these characters (channeling Radio City Music Hall, we thought) came courtesy of Make Up Forever-one of insider's top picks when it comes to the exacting standards HD tv...via their HD Foundation.  Founder Dany Sanz was in the house---from Paris. This brand, scooped up by becoming as widely acclaimed as MAC among the pros.  

WOW--this is a human done up by the team of MAKE UP FOREVER


AND to help that effort along---the brand announced a launch of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Road Show---to San Fran, Miami, Austin and Atlanta. (

DEX New York had an EMPIRE state of mind going---with makeup eyeshadows, powders, etc named after Big Apple landmarks.

The Empire  State building---an inky black, highly pigmented powder "a centerpiece" of the collection...and prominently used to great effect on this was Radio City Yellow Gold...though we think she coulda been the iconic Chrysler Building too.

DEX New York is popular with many professional makeup artists and consumers because all of the formulas boast advanced anti-aging peptides...and is one of the first brands we know to really have great coverage and great treatments all in one.

STILA---gettin' on Deborah Harry LONG LIVE THE 80's!!!!!!

MULTI-TASKING LIP STAINS...with a kinda greasepaint texture---easy to apply everywhere. Several brands had them including MAC and Obsessive Complulsive (Lip Tars).

ARMOUR BEAUTY ---a new collection from BROOKLYN NYC !!!!!... has some of the best---and smells good to--vanilla-y!!!! LONG LASTING too.

On this model---several sheer lip glosses layered on, subtly. TAXI DIVER---Jodie Forster's IRIS character

tattoo you

How many brushes----does one need??? Apparently all.

Highly pigmented products that last---the problem we have with cheap drugstore brands---they fade in an hour. More a bit more dineros---get a mixable/blendable product that lasts!!!!